Signs You’re A Strong Woman Who Stands Out From The Crowd

Strong women aren’t always noticeable. You have the ones that everyone looks at and just knows straight away that she is strong and not someone who can be played with.

You then have the strong women who silently go about their life not needing to be seen and heard, they just know what they want and they go off and do their thing.

1. You Are Well-balanced

You never lose sight of what your goals are and you work hard to achieve them, you face any struggles head on and are always up for a challenge.

2. You Can Read People And Situations 

You just know instinctively when something isn’t right, you can read people and what their intentions are. You can see clearly when a situation is going to turn bad and when it’s not right you walk away as you have little time or tolerance for anything that will cause you stress.

3. You Do Not Compete With Other Women 

You know what you want in life and rarely if ever are made insecure by other people. You are comfortable with yourself and know your self-worth. You never compete with other women and you certainly don’t look to them for validation.

4. You Take Criticism Well

Truth never scares you no matter how hard it may be to hear it; you would rather be told the truth. You listen to what people say as you know there is always room for improvement, it is after all how you grow.

5. You Always Tells It Like It Is 

People seek you out because you always speak the truth, you have no time for playing to peoples ego’s and you are not one to sugar coat anything, you say it like it is but you are never mean when saying it as to behave like that is beneath you.

6. Your Actions Are Effortless

You make life look easy even when it’s not. You effortlessly deal with situations often when people around you are falling apart and that is why people find you so inspiring.

7. You Have Confidence 

You have lots of confidence in yourself and people see how you behave and that you can be counted on to just get things done. This inspires people to trust you and you attract positivity in times when others are being negative and need a little lift to get them back on track.

8. You Carry Yourself Well  

You have a presence about you that shows that you have nothing to prove and you are fully aware of yourself. You have the ability to say the right things at the right time, and people admire you for this.

9. You Never Tear Down Others 

You build people up in your quiet way, you have no desire to tear people down, you do speak your mind but never with negative intent. You see enough of people doing that around you and you see the damage that can be done.

10. You Are A Natural Born Leader 

People look to you for guidance, they know you can be trusted to say and do the right thing even if they would rather not hear it. You are often the one given the biggest projects as work as your boss knows you will get it done right and engage people along the way.

11. You Always Admit When You Are Wrong 

The reason you can so easily admit when you are wrong is that to deny your mistakes is to lie to yourself and that just won’t do. You will never be found laying the blame at someone else’s door.

12. You Never Beg For Anything 

You are quite happy to get on with your life in your own way, you don’t need the attention or admiration of others. You are not afraid to ask for help when it is needed as you are not so arrogant as to think only you can do what needs to be achieved.

13. You Will Not Allow Yourself To Be Treated Poorly 

You see how some people behave around you and you don’t like it. You know your self-worth and if someone attempts to treat you badly you make them know it big time that you will not accept that from them.

14. You Rely On No One 

You pay your way in life, you provide for yourself and you don’t need anyone to provide you with anything, you have that all covered by yourself and it is how you want your life to be.

15. You Focus On Yourself And All The Things You Want 

You focus on your goals, you work hard at them, yes, your social life may suffer whilst you focus on something but that is how you want life to be for you.

16. You Are Well Respected 

You’re respected because you have earned it. You know respect is not a given it has to be worked for.

17. You Welcome Change With Open Arms 

You are never afraid of change; you welcome it and embrace the challenges that changes bring along with them.

18. You Only Allow Trustworthy People Close To You 

You people watch all the time. You can quickly work out people and if they have an agenda that goes against what you believe in, only a select few break into your inner circle.

19. Everything Comes Easy To You

You can get things done sometimes in minutes which takes others hours. It is down to your structure of life and how your mind works. When you see people look at the speed you get things done and they may feel deflated they are not like that, you talk to them and inspire them to find new ways to speed up whatever needs to be done.

20. You Do Not Think You Are Better Than Anyone Else 

You never think you are better than anyone else. You can never be found putting yourself on a pedestal and looking down on people. You know everyone has their own unique talents in life and that everyone is as equally important.

Strong women are amazing, and they are not always easy to spot, it isn’t until you start to spend time with them that you find yourself a little in awe of them, perhaps you are a strong woman and haven’t even recognized that about yourself, or after reading this someone comes immediately to mind that you hadn’t thought of it that way before.