Signs That Your Partner’s Interest In You Is Purely Physical

Modern love has transformed into an ambiguous relationship with no ends. Couples have forgotten about the line between love and lust, especially when feelings are involved. In reality, love and lust are two poles of a magnet and they will never be the same. Love is based on feelings of respect and lifetime commitments. Lust is based on looks and worldly attractions that don’t involve the connection of two souls.

When you are in a relationship, make sure that you are loved for the soul you keep rather than how you look and the body you have. Love for the soul is forever, whereas love for the body is only temporary and it fades away with the passage of time.

To understand where you stand in your relationship and what place you hold in the heart of your lover, make sure that the following few points are not the base for your relationship.

He ignores your mood for his pleasure.

If your man is always in the mood of pleasing himself with you and he disrespects your wishes and moods, he holds lust in his heart, not the true feelings of love.

Love is all about a mutual understanding. It’s about respecting and give and take. A lusty guy can never understand how hard it is for a woman to do something she doesn’t want to. If you observe that your feelings are being disrespected, move on and don’t be a rug for him to walk on.

He is reluctant to be in any kind of long-term commitment.

You might be in a relationship with a man who is never willing to talk to or make commitments about the future. He always ignores your conversations when it comes to commitment and he gives you lame excuses whenever you bring the subject up. If that’s the case, make sure that you reconsider your choice in partner, and strengthen your heart even more because you might need to leave him and move on.

A lot of men are like free-birds who never like to be tied down. Those men who always want to fly freely without boundaries and commitment are the most untrustworthy guys ever. If your man is of this type, move on. Stay single unless you find a man willing to be tied with you forever.

Sex is the favorite topic of discussion.

You are fed up with ‘sex’ being the main topic of your life with him. You are so over the monotonous relationship and discussions. He has nothing important to talk about and all his interests revolve only around intimacy. A mind so enclosed and limited that he can never think ahead for your relationship. These kinds of men need to be single.

He looks at you with pure lust and no love. He can never respect you the way you deserve to be respected.

He never gets involved in any plans unless he knows it will end in intimacy.

If you offer him some plans in which he has no chances to get close to you, he will never show up for it. He will always give you excuses.

If you give even the slightest hint that the date will involve something more than just hanging out and it will give him chance to do something of his desire, he will never miss even a single chance to accept, no matter how busy he may be. If hinting for sex is the only way to bring him closer to you, get rid of him. He is not serious about you.

He wants to be with you only when you’re together.

He has no interest in your family, friends, your comforts and your company. He doesn’t like to hang out with you outside, but never misses the chance to be with you in private. If he has no interest in you outside four enclosed walls, trust me he is into your body, not into you.

He will be with you until you have fulfilled his demands or unless he is not fully done with you. He will never show seriousness toward you and your feelings because he is not the right man. If your guy is like that, wake up girl.

Its time to move on and set yourself free rather than waiting to be broken and never mended. Find a guy who loves you, protects you and respects you. The one who can see through your soul with his love and piercing eyes. You’re worth it.