Signs That You Could Have The Soul Of An Indigo Child

What is an ‘Indigo Child’?

The Indigo Child first appeared in the 1970s. It is described as a child, teenager or adult who has a special soul and possess unusual abilities or traits, and who have a different way of thinking and seeing the world we live in.

They see everything at a deeper level than the rest of us and they are here to make the world a better place.

They are different in the way that their aura has an unusual color, their aura of royal blue and denotes a great change for all humankind, they are free souls with wisdom trapped in a modern world.

If you feel that you are different from everyone around you and you have felt that you are here for a particular reason it could be that you are an Indigo Child.


1. You have a strong sense of a higher purpose

You have always had a feeling that there was something special about you but you were unable to pin down what that is. You feel you have a specific purpose to your life and you find yourself thinking a lot of what that might be.

You find it impossible to shake this feeling and you feel it stronger at some moments in time than others. If you sit down and think about those times it could be something was happening close to you or in the world when you were experiencing those feelings.

2. You don’t settle for mediocrity

You always expect so much of yourself and to be honest you place the same level of expectations on those around you. You never settle for second best and those that tend not to meet your expectations can irritate you.

You give 100% of yourself to whatever you are doing and you are constantly striving to improve yourself. This makes you stand out from those around you as your passion and drive can be clearly seen.

3. You see the world differently

You question absolutely everything and you are aware of things most people wouldn’t even notice, you miss nothing. You question every piece of information that comes your way, be that via someone you know, news media even government authorities.

You weigh up all the information you obtain before making a decision and should you try and tell people around you, they at times make fun of you and tell you that you overthink too much.

It saddens you that we live in a world where manipulation is the name of the game when if people stopped and did a little research, they would see what you see. You try to be the voice of reason amongst the deluge of misinformation that is given out.

4. You’re a freethinker

You are never afraid to think differently to everyone else and you tell people what your thoughts are, the difference between you and most other people when they have an opinion is that you will listen to what others have to say and will respect their opinions, even though you may not agree with them.

You will respond to their opinion with further thoughts and you are very honest in what you have to say, this can sometimes cause hurt or conflict but to you, all you have done is open their mind to what is really going on.

5. You’re highly intuitive

You do rely on your feelings as well as facts. You pay attention to that feeling when something is either right or wrong. Your gut may at times be screaming at you to stop and pay attention to it and you sometimes instinctively know something is about to happen and you are known to be accurate in your predictions which can make some people uncomfortable.

Your intuition has never let you down so you always listen to it as you feel this is a guide showing you the right path and for you it would be a disaster to ignore it.

6. You’ve always wanted to change the world

You feel things deeply that happen in the world today and want to change what you can to make the world a better place. You don’t only think of things to change you can be found actively doing things no matter how small to change your environment.

You make sure you are always kind to people, you care for the environment so you are big on recycling and keeping the areas close by your clear such as when on a walk picking up litter, you know any small action like this can have a far-reaching effect in the long run.

7. You are highly creative

You are very creative in all aspects of your life. An Indigo Child is often an artist, performer, singer or poet. You use this as a way of expressing yourself and touching people near and far. Your creativity passes over into what you wear, how you talk people just look at you and know there is a highly creative being in front of them.

You see life differently and you express this when you do something that others would never think of doing or perhaps you are a writer and you give people a taste of something different through your words.

8. You’re empathetic and compassionate

Your empathic nature is always on show and you feel everything that those around you are feeling. You have a strong feeling of right and wrong and you will fight for right all the way as to you this can only make the world a better place.

World disasters affect you badly as you feel helpless that you are not there to assist, but you feel what is being felt by those people in that disaster area, and you struggle with the feeling that other world governments lack speed and compassion to help those people.

You never hold grudges as there is not enough time for that and you know it is a waste of your energy. You want people to live in peace, feel loved and have their basic needs met. Even if someone directly hurts you, the feelings you have are not anger but sadness that they did that to you.

9. You are determined

You set goals that most people wouldn’t even think of or would deem them impossible and set about achieving them as improving yourself and your environment is what makes the world a better place. You always finish what you start there are no half-finished projects on your list.

You believe if you become the best you can be then you have lived a life worth living, you haven’t just existed and followed the pack.

10. Sometimes you feel lonely

You do feel at times that you are misunderstood and this can lead to a feeling of loneliness, but that should never be mistaken for lonely. The feeling that people don’t understand you is because they don’t, they most likely feel you are way above their intelligence and that you are hard to engage with.

You think differently, you act differently and there is nothing wrong with that, the problem is that people have always struggled to understand different. You keep doing things the way you are, they will catch up eventually.

You will find that you are drawn to fellow Indigos and when you do you will find yourself no longer experiencing loneliness, but a meeting of minds that are in tune with each other and just like you are striving to make the world a better place.

In simple terms:

An Indigo Child is a warrior spirit, always challenging and questioning the ways of the world and has a strong sense of a higher purpose. – Unknown