Signs That You Are Not As Mentally Strong As You Think, You’re Just Acting Tough

Are you acting tough or are you mentally strong?

It’s a good question, isn’t it?

There is a huge difference between them, we can all act tough when life tests us on a short-term basis, but when it becomes consistent and there seems no way out, the tough act wanes and we are left with asking ourselves am I mentally strong enough for this.

There are six signs that show the difference:

1. Giving up is not an option

Failure in life is all part of the living process, part of the long journey ahead. Thinking you will succeed at everything is not healthy and can quickly backfire and leave you stunned. There is nothing wrong with admitting you failed at something and asking for help, that is not giving up, that is moving forward, the moment you have asked for help will show you that you are mentally strong and not just winging it through life.

2. Proving yourself to others

People tend to act tough, as they are worried about what others think of them, they feel this deep desire to prove themselves. The only person you need to prove yourself to is yourself. Your self-worth is all that counts. Mentally strong people know this and acknowledge it and their personal goals in themselves are all that count. They are self-aware of what lies ahead and will ask for help should they need it.

3. Hiding insecurities

When we act tough, all we are really doing is hiding behind a mask, and like all masks, they eventually fall off leaving us naked and afraid. Being open and honest about things make us afraid and facing those insecurities takes great mental strength and you will find laying yourself naked for all to see makes a big difference in your life.

4. Always being positive

There are so many articles about being positive, the reality is no one can be positive all the time if they are then they are playing the tough game and not the real-life mentally strong one. Acting tough doesn’t prepare you for when shit goes down and life becomes a challenge. Having a balance between positive and negative is a way of life, just don’t end up in either zone for too long as then you find yourself wondering what the hell life is all about.

5. Denying your pain

Putting up with pain, saying it makes you strong is your pride talking, it’s the tough game in play. Mentally strong people acknowledge the pain, they use it to their advantage for personal growth and they develop into the person they want to be, rather than what people expect them to be.

6. Controlling others

Controlling people are the ones who are acting tough. They are demanding, bossy people who thrive on the feeling of power they have over others, the reality is they very rarely have power even over themselves. Mentally strong people also want to be in control, but this is about control of themselves, not others and they will focus on themselves for themselves.

If you find yourself acting the tough game, don’t worry that’s because its how life has played out so far, you can change that if you want to, it takes time and the willpower to want to be different and only you can decide that.