Sickening Signs You’re Dealing With A Low Down Sneaky Female Narcissist And OMG She Is Vile

She can’t stand not being the centre of attention.

She must be the centre of attention, in fact, she is the centre of the universe and everyone must worship her.

She will never have enough attention as far as she is concerned, attention is her drug of choice and anyone who doesn’t give her what she needs becomes her target, her challenge to bring into her tribe and into line with her needs.

If you fail to give her the attention, she needs she will manufacture a story that gets your full attention, even if it sounds farfetched and crazy you will find yourself being pulled into her universe of drama.

She uses her sexuality to manipulate others. 

Female narcissists are experts at using their sexuality to get what they want.

They are the ones who sleep their way to the top and give zero fucks for the fallout.

If they see a man, they want they don’t care if they are married, living with someone or someone’s new partner they are there for the taking and take is what they do best.

Her sense of boundaries is twisted.

Hitting on your partner, just a bit of fun. Sleeping with your ex, yes, she does that as she just wants what you at one time had. Flirting with all in her path, yes, she does that, it’s fun, it’s thrilling, and it feeds her.

She has no care for anyone’s boundaries and if she sees a boundary she will go all out to stamp it out and have no care who gets hurt in the process.

Her lack of empathy is startling. 

They have no empathy at all it’s that simple.

If you are hurting, in pain, even sick then she will be MIA, unless of course portraying Florence Nightingale serves a purpose.

God help you if people in the tribe pay you attention whilst you are feeling like this and you can be guaranteed that she will suddenly become sick herself and her sickness will always be more serious than yours.

She’s a brat and brats must have what they want when they want it.

They see others – like their own children – as extensions of themselves.

Narcissistic mothers are truly what nightmares are made of.

Their children are objects, possessions and are trooped out for a show when they decide today is the day, they feel like being the mother of the year.

If they have daughters, they will see them as competition, especially as their daughters grow into young women.

Should their daughters be complimented on how they are or their appearance, she will quickly either stamped on that or take full credit such as ‘of course they are, they are mini-me’.

Sons don’t escape she will dominate her son in all aspects of his life, and as he grows, she will see off any girlfriends to keep her adoring son to herself.

She is the mother-in-law from hell and can and will interfere at any opportunity.

They sabotage those they are envious of. 

They are the queen of lies and gossip. If you’re doing well in life and are happy, they will start a smear campaign just because they can.

They covet what you have, and if they can’t get what you have, they will destroy it instead.

They idealize, devalue, and discard. 

She will keep you if you are of benefit to her. Once you are no longer any use then she will drop you, ironically, she thinks this upset you, the reality is you are relieved to longer deal with the bitch from hell.

Once she starts with her put downs it won’t be long before she finds a new victim to use, the sad part is once she drops you, you may find you lose people who you thought were friends, it’s her telling lies that have done this, and just know when it is their time to be dropped you will be among the first they call.

She enjoys creating harems and love triangles. 

She will flirt with her friends’ partners and find it funny, especially if confronted, she will mock you and even say loudly ‘bless your heart are you really that insecure’.

She is a collector and collects men as trophies, it doesn’t matter who they are, and she thrives on seeing the fallout.

She gets total satisfaction of driving a rift between partners.

She becomes enraged at the slightest criticism and feels she has to eliminate the source. 

Her rage is legendary and pray you are never on the receiving end, as she is brutal and evil in her attack.

Never criticize her unless you are prepared for the attack and ready to do battle.

She is the queen of passive aggressive too, making subtle sweet and sickly comments which it isn’t until later that you suddenly see them for what they are.

She will not only attack you verbally but can attack you physically, but only as a last resort as that will damage her attempts at being the saintly one.

She takes a sadistic pleasure in duping, abusing and bullying you. 

They love to see you fall. The worse your life becomes the bigger the satisfaction for them

They know you are having a hard time and they will do all they can to make it worse for you.

They get real pleasure from your suffering.

If you fail to react, they will keep pushing you until you do react.

The easier you are to bully the longer they will keep you around, they don’t handle strong characters well, and very rarely keep them in their tribe for too long, they keep them just long enough to get what they need then drop them.

All narcissists eventually unmask themselves, if after reading this you recognize a female narcissist in your midst, protect yourself regardless of whether she is family or a friend.

Above all know what has happened because of them is never your fault.