Shop owner installed see through ceiling tiles so his cats could keep him company all day!!

A little shop in New Taipei City, Taiwan, is taking a slightly different approach to their security system. They have put some of the fluffiest felines on the payroll to watch everything from above. 

Any pet owner knows that leaving their fur babies is never easy. This shop owner was no different. So he came up with a crafty idea that would leave his cats feeling like he never left them at all. The shop owner installed some see-through tiles on the ceiling of his store, to appease his little kitties. That way his cats can keep an eye on him while he works. 

When Twitter user SCMcrocodile posted photos of the store his friend owns they quickly went viral. “My friend modified the attic of his shop to accommodate his cats. Now he is under constant observation,” SCMcrocodile wrote.

According to Yahoo News, the idea came about after the cats found a way to get between the first and second floor, and customers could hear them playing through the ceiling. He decided it would be better for all parties involved if at least they could see one another. 

The new setup has worked out for both cats and customers alike! Not only do the cats get a bird’s-eye view of their dad all day but the customers can enjoy looking at their fluffy bellies. We think this idea is super special and unique. But the bodega cats of the five boroughs might beg to differ!