She Is Used To Being Her Own Hero; This Is What You Should Expect When Dating Her

You’ve seen this amazing woman and you want to get to know her, you would love to date her. She appears in total control of her life; she lives it to the maximum and she knows exactly what she wants.

It will take a special kind of man for her to be interested in them as she is already settled and happy with how her life is, so this is what you should expect from her.

1. She’ll probably want to take things slowly.

She loves being on her own, she will not settle for just any relationship. She has her views on what a relationship should be like and her standards are high and rightly so. If she spends time with you it is because you match her expectations, but don’t rush her as this will put her off you and there is no return from that.

2. She is used to doing her own thing.

She has learned to be self-sufficient, she does all her own DIY for example, she doesn’t need you to carry her groceries, she can change her oil, run her home efficiently, she has a good job and pays her bills, she doesn’t need a man about the house, so if she lets you in don’t start trying to take over her life she won’t put up with it.

3. She won’t tell you her every move.

She plans her own diary and she will not be telling you all she has planned; she has been alone living her life the way she wants for a long time. If you expect her to tell you everything then you are going to be disappointed that the level of trust comes with time and isn’t a right of yours to be in the know. She will appear mysterious to you, you may even think she is hiding something, she isn’t she is just living her life.

4. She is usually ‘always right’.

She will appear stubborn to you and she won’t care if you think she is. When she knows she is right nothing you can say or do will change her mind. She will discuss things with you if she has any doubts as she values others opinions, but often she will do things her way unless you show her your way would be better.

5. She will be a bit unsure about your feelings toward her.

She is one tough lady and is independent, she will be watching your behavior towards her and she is very much of the opinion that actions speak louder than words, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to hear from you what you feel about her, she will take a long time to trust you, so make sure you know your feelings for her before getting too deep.

6. She has a hard time opening up.

When she does finally open up to you that means she trusts you and best you don’t let her down. It would have taken a lot for her to get to this stage and she will even be scared that her emotions are now quite attached to you. She will tell you things that are extremely personal to her, never ever use these against her as she will not hesitate despite how she feels about you to ren=move her swiftly from her life due to your betrayal.

7. She doesn’t need you—she wants you.

Never forget she was fine before you and she will be just as fine after you, so don’t think you have her. She has chosen to have you in her life because she wants you there, but never think she needs you because she doesn’t.

8. She doesn’t need constant attention.

She isn’t the kind of woman who needs your attention 24/7. She isn’t clingy or needy and she won’t need you to be constantly texting her, she appreciates having space from you and spending time alone or with her friends, you are not joined at the hip, and she will encourage you to have alone time too.

9. She has a tough exterior but a soft heart underneath.

You might wonder at times if she has any feelings for you at all, don’t go there, just because she isn’t all over you being clingy and needy doesn’t mean she doesn’t care because she does as you are in her life, when she loves she is all in, she just doesn’t feel being an exhibitionist is a good way to behave.

10. Even a heroine needs a hero sometimes.

This isn’t about being the knight in shining armor, this is about you showing and giving her love and support, she doesn’t need you to save her, she saves herself and you’d be wise to remember that.