She Hates People And She Doesn’t Tolerate BS, But She Loves Harder Than Most People Could

People are happy by choice. Unhappy people hate everyone, and they are often attention seekers, but it doesn’t mean that they are bad or wicked. Their souls might not be the sweetest, but they also have emotions and feelings and they fall in love, often harder than other people.

THE GOOD IN THE BAD: She is not wicked, she is just bitter, true and straightforward. She can care about something without looking like she does. She never succumbs to the burden of her emotions.

BUTTERING UP: She is not going to fall for you falsely complimenting her. She knows not to fall into the trap of false buttering. She knows the scent of BS and can smell it miles away.

THE IRRITATION FACTOR: Everyone might think she is an outcast, but she has a fire inside of her that she shows in different ways. She does not waste her energy. Instead, she spends it wisely and only on someone who loves her can see the spark in her.

PUTTING UP WITH THINGS: She knows all of the tactics people use in fighting and proving themselves right. You can’t win against her. She is aware and she not going to let things go so easily.

KNOW THE DIFFERENCE: She will fight in a relationship. She just wants to communicate and find out what’s wrong. She is hateful because she is just full of love and she doesn’t want pain. Her negativity is ingenious.

TIME: She doesn’t waste her time on things she believes is not worth the sweat. People end up wasting a lot of time in trying to solve the mystery in an attempt to “figure things out”. She is not an attention seeker just because she despises other people.

SUSPICIOUS MINDS: She is naturally dubious. She knows not to trust people under hard circumstances. She is always treading to make sure she is safe and is always on guard.

THE REASON: She has a solid reason to hate people. Don’t try to figure her puzzle out. If love is what you give to her, then love you shall receive from her.

PICKY: She is a wise woman. She takes time to find the perfect one to give her love to and when he does, the matter should not be taken as a piece of cake. She has a mental filter which almost looks through each person she meets and evaluates whether the person is worth it or not.

JUST DON’T: She is not the person to fool. You cannot fight her. She knows all about the BS and mind games and she will not fall for it.

THE JOKE: People come and go in your life and leave you astonished. She knows that most people are a joke and that’s why she despises everyone. She falls for someone who is in the same boat as her and who can see the white lies people tell with a smile on their face.

KEEPING HER GUARD UP: She knows that people can hurt you and that’s why she has built walls around her. She won’t let anyone hurt her and she won’t let her walls down for some random person. She appreciates the effort of the person who can climb up her walls and reach her.

EXPECTATIONS: She doesn’t expect a lot from you. She loves and wants love in return. When you expect less, you are more easily content with your small gains.

PLAYING WITH FIRE: The fire inside her brightens her passions. She is a passionate lover for the worthy. When she loves someone, it is hard to forget the degree of passion.

BROKEN POTENTIAL: She sees a different perspective from most in the world. She hates people who have no drive in them. She doesn’t settle for people who don’t have an aim in life. She wants the same passion in her partner as it resides within herself.