Reasons You Need A Sarcastic Friend In Your Life

Sarcasm has its positives and negatives, but mostly positives, we need that humor in our lives and sarcastic people are pretty damn funny.

I bet you’ve watched some episodes of Friends and wished you had some friends that behaved like them, I know I have.

Here are some great reasons why having a sarcastic friend makes life more fun.

1. It will help you get jokes

If you tend to not be someone who can see the funny side of life a sarcastic friend will show you a whole new world and having a friend like that is honestly a blessing.

2. You need a snippy friend to have your back

In a bar and some sleazeball is trying to hit on you, sarcastic friend to the rescue, she can destroy his attempts with her sassy one-liner that leave you crying with laughter.

3. Because you shouldn’t take things so seriously

She will with her light-hearted sassy banter make you see that life really isn’t as bad as you think and relieve some of your stress by making it a joke, she knows how you are really feeling and wants you to have some light relief.

4. And a cynical world view can sometimes be useful

She gives you perspective on what is a cynical world. She will be realistic to your romantic view of life, so be prepared for her to bring you down to earth with a bump whilst you are both laughing.

5. Because sometimes you’re being ridiculous

You can be an idiot, just as much as she can, your reactions to things can be over the top and she will wisecrack you out of your stupidity, and why are you sitting there crying over some guy who was quite simply a waste of your time, she will not hold back telling you so either.

6. Nothing is off limits for you to joke about

You are outrageous together, the things you say to each other should they ever be a status on Facebook would start an all-out war of words not that it would bother your sarcastic friend, her view is ‘Fuck it I’m going to hell but you’re coming with me’

7. They give you endearing pet names

You call her ‘bitch’ she calls you ‘I hate you’ all code words for how important you are to each other. Your IG accounts are full of these pet names with hashtags and no one but you two really understand what it all means.

8. They call you out for being *the worst*

They use their sarcastic humor to call you out on your shit, they will not allow you to get away with anything, they won’t think twice about shooting you some sarcastic quip with a large portion of honesty.

9. They won’t get overly mushy on you

Yes, you have pet names for each other, but mushiness isn’t in play here at all. You won’t get all this ‘I love you BFF’ you’re more likely to get the ‘I hate you’ and a few FFS, get your life on track.

10. You rarely ever get in actual fights

You’re already mean as fuck to each other so fights rarely ever take place, it takes a lot to offend either of you and should you feel a little pissed off sarcasm takes over.

11. Real insults from other people hardly phase you

Your BFF has prepared you for anything thrown at you, as your life is full of sarcasm and funny quips so when an outsider tries their hand its like water off a ducks back to you.

12. You’re an unbeatable team

People have tried to come between you and failed on an epic scale. Your sarcastic friend can beat anyone at what they say, her mind is so sharp you wonder why it doesn’t bleed.

13. They always have your back

If you’re lucky enough to have been chosen to be their BFF do not take it lightly, if someone upsets you, she will unleash all kinds of hell on that person and to her you are ‘her person’ and therefore she protects you, besides no one is allowed to upset you only her, but in her usual sarcastic way, not to hurt you.

14. They know the moments to cut the sarcasm and just be real

You are BFF for a reason, not just the laughter. She will know when shit has got real and will curb her sarcasm to help you through it, but you can guarantee once that’s over with she will be back to her usual sarcastic self and seriously would you want it any other way.