Real Men Don’t Make Excuses – They Show An Effort

Good men are slowly becoming a rarity. Perhaps our searching is faulty or they have simply learned how to camouflage themselves in our society.

You could be facing, talking or dealing with one on a daily basis and they would still go unnoticed.

It’s noteworthy to see what makes a good man stand out from the usual crowd. Is it connected to the way he looks or carries himself? Does it have anything to do with his educational background? Or the amount of money he earns?
Certainly NO!

A gentleman won’t make any last minute excuses for his ease. He will genuinely tell you that he loves you and will leave no stones unturned to prove it you. On the other hand, A bad boy will proclaim his love to you but will never be able to prove it you with his actions.

Boys cannot stand it when a woman is successful in her life, whereas for a gentleman, his lady love’s success brings nothing but joy and compassion in his heart.

A real man will never exploit you just to feed his ego. A real man will live up to his word and strives to value his commitments.

A real man will protect you.

A true gentleman will always show up for his lady when she needs him the most. He will stand by you as a rock ready to pull you back up when you can’t do it yourself. A good man will always prioritize you over anything and he will prove it by his actions and not just words.

Your happiness is more important than their own.

For a gentleman, your comfort and ease will always top the list of his priorities. They will give their absolute best to the relationship because they view it as their asset. They know that your satisfaction is evident by the twinkle in your eyes and the smile on your face, and they want it to last.

A real man respects you.

A good man knows your worth and that you are his queen, and you deserve to be treated like one. Even in the toughest of situations, this man will give you utmost respect even when he has his differences with your point of view. He knows the importance of mutual respect in the relationship.

A real man knows what he wants.

A gentleman is clear about his intentions from the start. He knows that running around other women is not an option, especially when it’s you that he wants in his life. A good man will never say contradictory statements to you neither is he afraid to apologize when he is wrong. He knows he should value you, or someone else will.

A real man is an open book.

A real man knows the meaning of love and how it should never be used so easily. When he feels it, he will profess his love to you openheartedly. They want you to know that they mean it and are not scared to show the world how smitten they are by you.

A real man makes plans for the future.

A man who wants you in his life will make sure to work on all of the aspects in his life for the relationship to make it happen. Whether it’s his job or business, he takes matters in his own hands to ensure the partnership strives in all aspects.

A real man challenges you to be a better person.

A gentleman strives to be the absolute best version of themselves for his lover. He challenges himself to become better each day and hopes the same for you. Whether it’s your career or your personal goals, he expects you to pursue excellency in all of them.

He is not scared to admit that he is head over heels in love with you. He generously wants to give you all the love he has and accepts your reciprocation with an open heart.