Perfect Subtle Tattoos Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Thinking about getting a tattoo and not sure what to have or how big, or perhaps you already have some tattoos and want more?

If you want to know which subtle tattoo suits you best according to your zodiac sign keep reading.


Your characteristics are the need for growth, to evolve and to express love so the rose matches you perfectly.


You are the strong one in the zodiac, you keep yourself and everyone around you grounded so an anchor suits you well.


As the multi-talented sign in the zodiac, you have the ability to see things from all angles and make what in some cases are life-changing decisions so a triangle is spot on for you.


You are a laid-back resilient person, but at times you do take risks which doesn’t always work in your favor but you bounce back, so a cat tattoo is perfect for you, just think nine lives you use.


Yeah, I know far too obvious for a Leo but as a natural leader and king or queen of your own domain, a crown is bang on target for you.


Virgo’s are loving people who care about the person they are with, they don’t like to show off so a discreet tattoo only a lover can see most of the time is what suits you best and a tattoo saying ‘love’ just nails it.


Libra’s have a magical charm about them that is like a magnet to most people, they are huge on the romance front so a heart on show is perfect.


Just like the moon you grow in stages and have a sense of mystery about you, people are often drawn to you to tell their deepest secrets just like some look up at the moon and tell the moon, so a moon tattoo is a good one for you.


Sagittarians know exactly what they want in life and how to go about it, they plan and execute with a speed that can leave people breathless, the arrow is perfect for them.


Life is a never-ending turn of events whether good or bad Capricorns just keep going so the infinity tattoo works well for them.


They can be a bit of a cutesy sign in the zodiac, they like things wrapped up all neat and tidy so a bow is a pretty good way of symbolizing this.


Pisces are loners until they find someone they truly want to be with. They are very family-focused, fierce yet delicate all at the same time, the ‘X’ & ‘O’ tattoo is great for them.