People Who Are Toxic Will Never Own Up To Their Mistakes

No one likes being around toxic people and thinking they will change is false hope. They never change and they will never own up to any mistakes they make, they will blame everyone around them for any shortcomings.

Toxic people live in a constant state of toxicity they thrive on it and any wrongdoings will always be blamed on other people.

You should never expect anything positive from toxic people they manipulate and always have a hidden agenda.

Everyone makes mistakes its how we learn and evolve as people. We own our mistakes no matter how bad they are. We speak the truth about what we have done wrong and should we have hurt someone in the process of our mistakes we feel deeply the pain we have caused.

Toxic people have little to no feelings, they actually enjoy causing others pain as they believe those around them have deserved their displeasure and pain.

You can not reason with a toxic person no matter how hard you try. The more you try to get them to admit they have done something wrong, the deeper they will dig their heels in and blame you.

They will often say it is you that caused them to act the way they did, so it is you that have hurt people not them.

To be honest the second you realize you are in the company of a toxic person, for your own good and those you love break ties. Breaking ties is not always easy but if you don’t you are leaving yourself wide open for a whole heap of pain.

Work on having good positive people around you who are genuine and care for you and your loved ones. Wasting time thinking you can save the toxic person from themselves no matter how much you may love them will take its toll on your mental well-being.

Toxic people see the light surrounding good people and they crave this for themselves which they know they cannot have. So, they try to extinguish your light, it is an act of jealousy and at times hatred.

In life we all have lessons to learn, make removing toxic people from your life the first lesson and once they are removed you will feel lighter and free from the burden they bring into your life.

Whether the toxic person is a friend or a family member have the strength to say, ‘no more’ and move on to a better life for yourself.