Our Top 60 Picks Of Sassy Quotes For All You Badass Ladies Out There

Women have long been sassy and badass with it, some view women like this as rude spoiled brats, those people totally miss the point that they are just women who are comfortable in their own skin and speak their mind.

Our Top 60 Sassy Quotes

1. You’re not gonna tell me who I am. I’m gonna tell you who I am. – Nicki Minaj

2. I don’t give any reason for anyone to hate me. They create their own little drama out of jealousy. – Unknown

3. I like my coffee how I like myself: Dark, bitter, and too hot for you. – Unknown

4. I’m not mean. I’m brutally honest. It’s not my fault, truth hurts. Here’s a Band-Aid. – Unknown

5. I’m a fucking ray of sunshine from hell OK. Like I’m terrifying and delightful but if you’re weak you won’t last long here. – Unknown

6. I need someone who sees the fire in my eyes and wants to play with it. – Unknown

7. It’s okay if you don’t like me. Not everyone has good taste. – Unknown

8. Cancel my subscription because I am done with your issues. – Unknown

No, I checked my receipt. I didn’t buy any of your bullshit. – Unknown

9. It’s hard to find a friend who’s cute, loving, generous, sexy, caring, and smart. My advice to y’all is, don’t lose me. – Unknown

10. If I was meant to be controlled, I would have come with a remote. – Unknown

11. You don’t like me? That’s a shame. I’ll need a few minutes to recover from the tragedy. – Unknown

12. Throw me to the wolves and I’ll come back leading the pack. – Unknown

13. Not all girls are made of sugar, spice, and everything nice. I’m made of sarcasm, wine, and everything fine. – Unknown

14. Some girls are just born with glitter in their veins. – Unknown

15. The difference between a pizza and your opinion is that I asked for pizza. – Unknown

16. When people ask me stupid questions, it is my legal obligation to give a sarcastic remark. – Unknown

17. If you find me offensive, then I suggest you quit fucking finding me. – Unknown

18. I don’t have the energy to pretend to like you today. – Unknown

19. There’s nothing a man can do, that I can’t do better and in heels. – Ginger Rogers

20. I’m not going to limit myself just because people won’t accept the fact that I can do something else. – Dolly Parton

21. I don’t care what you think about me; I don’t think about you at all! – Coco Chanel

22. It’s better to have loved and lost than to have to do 40 pounds of laundry every week. – Unknown

23. Someday I want to be perfect; until then, I’ll be happy being incredible. – Maxine Cartoons

24. It’s the good girls who keep diaries; the bad girls never have the time. – Tallulah Bankhead

25. High heels and red lipstick can put the fear of God into some people. – Unknown

26. If you’re sad, add more lipstick and attack. – Coco Chanel

27. My life. My choices. My mistakes. My lessons. Not your business. – Unknown

28. Dear haters, don’t criticize me for my flaws and mistakes when you can’t even see your own. – Unknown

29. Don’t like me? Have a seat with the rest of the bitches waiting for me to give a fuck. – Unknown

30. Use your haters as stepping stones to get to the top. – Unknown

31. I hope karma slaps you in the face before I do. – Unknown

32. Stay real, stay loyal, or stay away from me. – Unknown

33. I’m sorry, what language are you speaking? It sounds like bullshit. – Unknown

34. They need to talk about you to get attention because if they spoke about themselves no one would give a fuck. – Unknown

35. It’s okay if you disagree with me. I can’t force you to be right. – Unknown

36. Keep your head high and your middle finger higher. – Megan Fox

37. You’d be surprised who doesn’t speak to you but speaks of you daily. – Unknown

38. Nothing is more dangerous than a beautiful woman who is focused and unimpressed. – Unknown

39. The most dangerous animal in the world is a silent smiling woman. – Preeti Jaiswara

40. She is love, and a little fucking unstoppable. – Nicole Lyons

41. Darling, you’re a goddess, a badass and you’ve totally got this. – Unknown

42. She’s a badass with a good heart, soft but strong. Unapologetic and honest. She’s the type of woman you go to war beside–not against. – R. H. Sin

43. Unless they paying your bills, pay them bitches no mind. – RuPaul

44. If you listen closely you can hear me not caring. – Unknown

45. Tell me not to do something and I will do it twice and take pictures. – Unknown

46. I always laugh when people try to hurt my feelings. As if I have any. – Unknown

47. I know I changed baby. That was the point. – Unknown

48. I’m not mad you told all my friends I’m a psycho. They’re my friends, they already know. – Unknown

49. You are either on my side, by my side, or in my fu*king way. Choose wisely. – Unknown

50. Act like a lady, think like a boss. – Unknown

51. Sassy, Classy, and a bit smart assy. – Unknown

52. I’m worth it. Always was, and always will be. – Unknown

53. If you were in my shoes, you’d fall the first step. – Unknown

55. Try not to think for a brief moment that I really mind what you need to say. – Unknown

56. Some things are better in dreams. So, I became the dream! – Unknown

57. Not everyone likes me but not everyone matters. – Unknown

58. Everyone said I could be anything. So, I became sexy! – Unknown

59. You couldn’t handle me even if I came with instructions. – Unknown

60. Don’t study me. You won’t graduate! – Unknown