Only Someone Who Is An Anxious Overthinker Can Relate To And Understand These Things

Living in today’s world there are so many things to worry about add that to someone who is an anxious overthinker and you have a timebomb of emotions ready to explode with no warning.

Overthinking is a challenge for anyone, you are constantly looking for what could go wrong and have a million questions screaming around in your head, in fact, it gets so loud and you end up finding sleep is a small escape as then damn you’re even dreaming of what could go wrong.

Combine that with anxiety and I dare you to try and live in this world.

You see what other people don’t

You quite simply put see what others don’t. People can’t mislead you as if they pretend to like you, for example, their body language betrays them, and you can see it. You are the ultimate bullshit detectors and you see through fake people who talk false promises and lie to you. This triggers your anxiety but at least you know the truth.

You make a big fuss about nothing

Sadly, you do create your own problems. You can see the potential danger in things even if the dangers are not there and you make it a problem. You will work on creating a solution but those around you are left a little stunned as you’ve in your mind solved something that they know wasn’t there in the first place. The bonus though is should problems arise everyone looks at you and thinks well damn if they weren’t right all along, it’s a double-edged existence.

You are scared of dating

Oh, the pain, the anguish of dating. Anything that takes you out of your comfort zone scares the ever-living shit out of you and dating is one of these things. You get so nervous you obsess over every little detail. You imagine the worst-case scenarios before you’ve even left the house, this can scare people away, you know it does, but what scares you more is not being prepared for all eventualities.

You act quickly

This is your fear or flight response to life. You’re so busy overthinking and have a gazillion questions in your head that there is no room for any sensible decisions, so you just react so that it takes some pressure off of you. Most of the time it can lead to a wrong decision that brings a whole new bundle of overthinking and anxiety and you regret that you even made a decision in the first place.

Social media is scary

What a minefield social media is for you. You convince yourself that every post is about you, that someone has turned against you, that someone is targeting you and they’re not, but your brain tells you they are. It’s a struggle to think rationally about it as your mind just won’t let you see reason, it’s why so many who have this problem avoid social media entirely.

You get tired but your mind doesn’t

You are exhausted. Your body aches to its core, you suffer from fatigue and you just want everything to stop. Your body shuts down but the one area it can’t shut down is your mind, it just won’t shut up, it is always on the go and never gives you a break and living this way is exhausting.

You’ll never let go

You are like a dog with a bone, you won’t let up until your mind tells you that you have covered every possible eventuality, then just as you convince yourself all bases are covered another thought sneaks in and you start the overthinking all over again.

Living this way is pure hell, it is not a choice, it is a mental illness and for those who suffer from it a very real way of life, should you know someone like this, be patient, loving and as supportive as you can.