Not Every Guy Deserves To Have The Title “Boyfriend”

Many men have started to consider women toys. There are many guys out there that are interested in intimate flings, but only a few who want to actually love a woman and protect her as a true man should. Not every man deserves to be titled ‘boyfriend.’

A true boyfriend is a man who respects and loves his woman whole-heartedly and loyally.

Many guys these days have the following flaws which make them not suitable for boyfriend or future husband material.

Many of them are self-doubting

Women today have become more stable, tougher and passionate as compared to the women who were at one time always viewed as fragile and timid. Women before may have been easy to be taken for granted, but now, many women aren’t dependent on men, and feel they can live without them. This makes a lot of men self-doubting and insecure. Not every man is capable of taking care of a strong woman and handle being in a relationship with her.

Hatred for a strong woman

Many men are still conservative the way that men used to be, and they think women can’t be ahead of them in life. A man who holds you back from your dreams, or anything that you want in this life, so that you depend on him, is most definitely not boyfriend material.

A lot of guys are sluggish these days

Many men are now less-energetic, careless and sluggish. They are not concerned about their future, their life, and relationships. Their lethargic nature and non-serious behavior has taken away the worth of being someone’s boyfriend. A man who has no values and respect for himself can never love a woman. They are satisfied with their average lives. When a man cant strive for betterment, he will never be a good partner to rely on.

Many don’t have self-respect

Men these days have no respect for themselves. They have no ego or high esteem, so if a man can’t respect himself can never a woman to. Men started to see women as toys and they harass them as if it’s no big deal. This attitude shows they don’t respect anyone. They can’t be a good boyfriend or a husband.

He demands respect, and complains early on

Some men want to be valued as soon as they get into a relationship. They believe in dominance and want to impose themselves on the woman they are in a relationship with. It’s a hard fact that respect is earned rather than being forced. Only love and care can bring you respect, not complaints and demands.

Guys feel authoritative over women

Some men think that they can own any woman they want as if every woman on earth is made for their use. They think they can approach any woman and she has no right to reject. They can’t imagine a woman daring enough to do that. If she does reject, she will be titled characterless and cheap etc.

A lot of men are losers

Honestly, much like a lot of women nowadays, a lot of men have become losers. They have lost their self-respect, moral values and sense of commitment toward one person. Instead of being loyal to one person, many cheat, and in any relationship, that is a no no!

Guys never understand a woman sincerely

A lot of men will go all out and do anything to impress you in the begining, and once you open up your heart for them, they lose their interest. Very few men are looking for life- long commitments and in making a family. If he loses his interest early on, he definitely isn’t boyfriend material.

Average minded

Women are growing because of their determination and passion, whereas a lot of men have become averagely minded, and they’re content with being what they are and where they are now. They have no spark and passion to grow. A man who is fine with going nowhere in life, definitely won’t try to go anywhere with you. He does not deserve the title of boyfriend.