Never Make The Mistake Of Getting On The Wrong Side Of These 5 Zodiac Signs

There are just some people you don’t mess about as you know if you do then no doubt the hounds of hell will be unleashed upon you.

These are the 5 deadliest signs of the zodiac that you simply don’t fuck about with.


These people are definitely the ones to stay away from when they get angry as they have no idea of compromise and when they lose it, they lose it big time, add their well-known stubbornness into the mix and you have a very explosive person and they are not ones to calm down quickly to boot.

When they get angry it is usually with good reason and they are pretty damn loud with it too and they don’t care who sees them like this. You’d be wise to keep away from them when they are like this as the fallout is legendary.


They are loud and very dramatic, this is normal for them as they do crave a lot of attention, and their need to be in the spotlight is driven by any means necessary. When they get angry, they will not back down, they believe they are always right and their way is the only way.

They don’t hold back in what they want to say and they will literally say anything that comes to mind, they are extremely harsh and they never forget or regret what they say. They will never admit they are in the wrong and will never apologize.


Their view is I’m ready for you bitch bring it on. They are extremely dangerous people to be around when they lose their temper, as they are assertive by nature so add assertiveness into anger and you have met the walking time bomb that can detonate at any moment in time.

They can also be passive-aggressive instead of a full-blown blow out it just depends on their mood at the time, and when they decide to use the passive-aggressive approach instead you won’t know what’s hit you.


Watch out when they are in a bad mood as they are a walking time bomb of emotions, one minute they are all sweetness and light, then boom an explosion of words that will leave you reeling and wondering what the hell you’ve done to deserve this.

They do prefer a battle of words and they know just what to say and how to obtain the maximum impact. Don’t even bother trying to fight back as a screaming match of words will get you nowhere. That being said if left to calm down they do apologize after the fight for their behavior.


They are down to earth, rational people so if you piss them off in one word ‘run’. They will take a lot before they lose their temper but once that line is crossed then they never hold back and they can kill you with words that come firing at you with great speed.

When mad they will talk to you in a condescending way and their words have maximum impact if you see them begin to lose their temper the best course of action is to not engage as you will not win, but simply walk away.