My Regret Isn’t Loving You, It’s That I Forgot To Love Me

I won’t deny that I had a limitless love for you. Being with you was the happiest time of my life. I loved you the way a drowning man loves air. My love was so intense and deep that I forgot myself. Every moment I spent being yours was just mesmerizing. I was so fascinated by you that I thought you as the most wonderful person anyone could ever ask for. I won’t deny that we had the best time together. I will also not say that I have regrets about our relationship but my only regret is that I completely forgot myself just to love you. The day I met you, all my dark nights were converted into beautiful sunny dawns.

Finding you was not a fault.

To be honest, I feel great that I found you. The memories we had together are irreplaceable. Despite how things changed, I still have a beautiful reflection of us. Undoubtedly, God has special plans for his creatures but I believe that we both met for a reason.
What was the lapse in our relationship? Was it the way I crazily loved you? I gave you a special place in my life and heart, loved you truly. Loving you was my first priority. When I first met you, I felt something astounding about you that attracted me toward you. I started spending time with you and then with passing time, I don’t know how you became the center of my world. I let myself become gobbled with you.

Embracing you was not a mistake.

I am not a disappointed person, I have no regret of choosing you. I am happy that I listened to the voice in my heart. Loving you was not my mistake, it was not in my control. Even though I knew that I was wrong because you should first love yourself before being loved by others. I selected you as my better half, but it didn’t end up there. I chose you over myself. I just care for you, all I thought about was just you. I gave everything to our relationship but nothing remained the same.

Sadly, it was just me putting all the efforts and getting zero in return. I thought that you would also help in making our relationship a better one, but I was completely wrong. You only thought of yourself instead of making me happy. You always took me for granted and wanted more from me. I completely forgot the whole me in your love.

A relationship is a state in which two people are connected together to share their equal love with each other. For a healthy relationship, both man and woman should give their best.

I don’t want to look back.

It’s not possible to look forward while looking backwards. The time period of my relationship with you was the hardest to forget. Apart from my deep love for you, our relationship completely cracked me. It left me destroyed, droopy and weakened. The flashbacks of our relationship has torn my heart into pieces.

Honestly, if life had an option of deleting the past memories, I would definitely erase the time I had spent with you. I am glad that life taught me a valuable lesson. I have learned a lot from my mistakes. Life showed me no matter what, you should always love yourself first. Self-love is the most important thing in one’s life. You should be the top priority of your life. Work on being in love with the person who is standing in the mirror.

I have moved on now but the only regret I have is that I loved you more than I ever loved myself. I wish I could turn back the time just to give a little love and respect to myself, but unfortunately, it’s not possible. Now I just want to love myself and correct all of my mistakes moving forward. I have started a new chapter in my life with all positive energies. I don’t have regrets that I loved you but the repent is that I didn’t love myself.