More And More Women Are Becoming Happier By Staying Single

Have you noticed a peculiar pattern where so many news articles and self-help forums revolve around women when singlehood is being considered? It’s an inherent flaw and I believe it’s this way because apparently being single for a woman is something that’s looked down upon, yet it’s absolutely normal when a man is single.

It seems that happiness and independence seem to go hand in hand for me when being single. However, some women tend to feel incomplete and incapable without a loving partner, children and a family of their own. Most women strive to settle down pretty quickly in life. It’s the 21st century and these backward stereotypes still seem to exist with all their might, but in spite of all this, many young ladies have decided to defy all the odds and strive to achieve the life they have envisioned for themselves.

Here’s how: According to a survey of 1,036 single adults, including both men and women, a greater number of women stated that being single and the freedom that they have while being single has made them more career oriented and passionate about investing in their educational pursuits. Moreover, being single has created multiple opportunities for them to engage with brilliant individuals, enhance their creativity and polish their skills.

A staggering seventy percent of women reported in the survey that they have made a conscious decision to stay single for now, to focus their time and endeavors in making themselves better, stronger and more financially independent in the long run.

Most women were more for the idea that instead of committing to someone, they’d rather commit to themselves first, whether it’s completing their degrees or getting their lives in order. It was clear by the results of this survey that most women want to taste freedom and experience all the true pleasures that life has to offer before settling down with someone.

And how is being single making them feel? When women were questioned about how they felt embracing the single life, most women in contrast to men answered that being single made them feel authoritative about every aspect in their lives.

It was also women who reportedly felt anxious about losing their independence, their sense of being and their freedom to pursue their wildest dreams when questioned about what they felt most about committing to a partner. They were also more worried about choosing the wrong life partner, as they understand that a great and supportive partner can perhaps make all the difference in life, and a wrong one may pose a serious threat to their sense of self.

Interestingly, both genders agreed and preferred the single life when the main gist of this survey was presented to them as follows:

  • Single individuals are more outgoing and fun to hang out with.
  • Single people are more likely to say yes to new opportunities that come their way.
  • Single folks are more comfortable to venture into unknown and exciting experiences.
  • You have a better sense of yourself and your personality when you are exclusively single.

There you go Ladies and Gentlemen, here’s an updated insight into how single women are making their way across different walks of life and setting examples for everyone to follow. These brilliant ladies are courageous, strong-willed and passionate and won’t let anyone stop them from achieving their true potential.