Mistreat A Woman And Watch Her As She Walks Out Of Your Life

The following scenario is more than common in the female population, and I’m sure every woman has experienced it at least once in her life:

She met someone special. On the first encounter, it seemed that they both hit off instantly. They courted and enjoyed spending every free time they had with each other. She was certain that maybe he is the one. She hoped to settle with him someday.

It was all fantastic until the day the guy realized that she had fallen head over heels in love with him and was looking for a serious commitment with him. That’s when he took the matters in his hands, decided then and there to leave the relationship only to never show up again.

She was devastated and heartbroken. She wished that someday he might come back and apologize for his behavior, but that day never came. She hoped that someday he might realize what they had was special and just maybe he would come back to reclaim it. Perhaps she didn’t want to come to terms with the fact that he had not one ounce of genuine feelings for her. She was only a mere source of satisfaction for him until he moved on.

While the above scenario may sound a bit cliché, you get the main gist. There are so many examples of people who fall in love and offer their heart open for their beloved only to taste betrayal.

I can understand. If I were you, I would use every bit of my energy in seeking vengeance from him. Just making him realize what a lousy characterless man he was. Even though you might confuse this feeling with love, but I urge to you Stop!

Please stop giving him all the attention and the bombardment of calls and emails, he will only think of you as some crazy bitch.

Don’t be the woman who gives in to such toxic behavior. Take the signs as they are just a worthless POS and leave him and the useless bond you shared the moment, he puts you down.

Learning is painful and I was once crazy too. I too had fallen for the man who had no intentions of settling down with me. He never valued my presence and continuously undervalued me. Instead of whining about his behavior and waiting for him to come back, I should have just left the relationship, travelled more and should have spent time meeting more exciting people.

Because now in retrospect, all the red flags were there in front of me, But I was too infatuated to realize it, and it was so clear that this person was toxic and clearly not a good match, but I continued to undermine myself until he finally decided to pack his bags and leave.

If you find yourself in this situation please be strong enough to let go of the relationship that doesn’t add any value to your life. Stop draining yourself and running after non-sensical men that are clearly not worth the hustle.

Life is too short to settle down for the mediocre, and although breakups are painful, you will soon find the strength to spread your wings wide and settle with the partner that was destined for you all along.

Because strong women don’t wait around for attention, they leave the relationships the moment they feel that their partners undervalue them.