Love Is Never Easy But Some Signs Are More Challenging To Love Than Others

Relationships are never easy, they have their own demands.

When a relationship fails you often ask yourself why it didn’t work out.

If you are a believer in the zodiac you can perhaps find the answers there.


Aries never say no to a challenge. You are the sign that is curious about everything and you never miss out of the opportunity to do something that interests you. You have to try it just to see the outcome.

You love life to the full and you thrive on making life that bit more special in all you do. You tend not to settle in one place for too long and that can impact any relationship you may have as if your partner isn’t one to come along for the ride you tend to leave them behind.


You love to enjoy your life. In relationships, you put your heart and soul into it.

You commit 100%.

The downside is you are also very stubborn and when you set your mind to something no one can change your mind, which frustrates your partner.

You tend not to be one to compromise and it is because of this that some relationships fail.


The twins of the zodiac so you are two personalities in one body.

You are one moment placid and fun to be around, the next screaming your head off and being a real pain in the ass.

Your partner doesn’t know where they are from one minute to the next with you, in the beginning, it seems fun having such a versatile relationship, but the first flush of love soon wears off and any chance of long term is very slim.


The most sensitive sign in the zodiac, but you are one badass when needed to be.

You are good at pretending life isn’t bothering you, the reality is things do bother you in a big way.

You are not one to admit that your feelings have been hurt very easily.

If hurt in a relationship you let it ride for so long until you reach the breaking point and then you simply just walk away.

It gives the impression you are uncaring and cold, which couldn’t be further from the truth.


The sign with the biggest ego!

You will never compromise in a relationship.

You can be very loving and fully committed to your partner.

You hate when things do not go your way in a relationship and lack understanding of your partner’s needs.

This makes you a challenging partner to have, to say the least.


You are intelligent and a perfectionist.

You are not always transparent about your feelings and this can leave your partner frustrated.

You are far from easy to love and your partner will find your need for perfection intimidating and off-putting, we all like a little mess in our life it’s how we evolve you can’t cope with a mess and can end up stuck in your rut.


You are emotional chaos. You struggle to handle your emotions.

Due to this chaos of emotions, you find it hard to make any firm decision and often change your mind about even the smallest things which drives your partner insane.

You are also a perfectionist which your partner may be intimidated by.


You are the most jealous of the zodiacs.

You envy others and desire what they have.

You have to be at the centre of everyone’s world, especially your partners.

You can even be jealous of the attention your own children receive from your partner.


You are the comedian of the zodiac. You thrive on sarcasm and people around you find you hilarious and jokes come as second nature to you.

You need to keep in mind though that some of your jokes can be hurtful and you appear to not even notice when this happens.

It is this behavior that makes you very challenging in relationships, and you are often left confused as to why a relationship has suddenly ended.


You are an uptight person.

Things have to be done in a certain way, your way!

You find it impossible to step out of your comfort zone if you did and relaxed a little life would be so different for you.

You find it hard to trust people and never more so in a relationship, it is this that will cause the breakdown.


You are ambitious some say too ambitious.

People lack trust in you as they see you walking over whoever you need to, to get what you want.

You are the relationship jumper in the zodiac. Often moving from one relationship to another before the previous one has even ended.

You may be successful in the business arena, but not when it comes to relationships.


Negativity is not your friend.

You can be as happy as happy can be one minute and then with no warning negative thoughts invade your mind and all that changes.

You are perceived as moody, this isn’t the case you just have traits that make you bounce around against your will.

Sadly, this impacts your relationships and unless with someone who can tolerate the bouncing around you are viewed as too moody to stay with.