Love Drinking Coffee? Well Save Those Coffee Grounds And Make Some Amazing Coffee Under Eye Cream For Fine Lines And Dark Circles

Most of us can’t start our day without a good strong cup of coffee, it tastes great and gives us one hell of a pick me up from our slumber.

The caffeine in coffee is also an awesome beauty aid that some of don’t really think about.

Why Is Coffee Good For Your Skin?

Coffee has a significant amount of antioxidants in it, especially hydrocinnamic acids and polyphenols. Hydrocinnamic acids are great for neutralizing stress and as we drink the coffee it brings out these benefits from the inside, but we can also use coffee on the outside too.

Caffeine helps with the reduction of dark circles and puffiness in the under-eye area and in fact, increased blood circulation. This, in turn, gives the skin a refreshed and rejuvenated appearance.

Don’t rush off to wash your face in your left-over coffee though here is a great homemade cream just for the purpose of your under eyes good health.


2 tablespoons coffee oil

2 tablespoons virgin coconut oil

1 tablespoon organic beeswax

2 teaspoons pure jojoba oil

100% patchouli essential oil

wide-mouthed glass jar

small saucepan

The Power of The Ingredients:

Coffee Oil

Coffee oil just as you would expect is like coffee, it is packed full of antioxidants, and along with the caffeine it works to boost your skins ability to heal, firm, tighten and restore.

How To Make Coffee Oil:

You will need to make the coffee infused oil first, you do this by using the hot infusion method. Combine 4 tablespoons of ground coffee with 8 tablespoons of pure olive oil in a small saucepan.

Heat it on the low heat setting for at least 30 minutes, stirring occasionally, then strain the oil using a coffee filter or cheesecloth. This oil used on its own is a great light moisturizer.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is well known for its benefits to the skin especially around the eyes to prevent dryness and fine lines. It is packed full of vitamins and essential fatty acids that work to promote healthy skin cells. The lactic acid content helps to tighten pores and make the skin appear firm and smooth and the oils anti-inflammatory content works on reducing redness and swelling.


This wax is well known for its conditioning properties but not only that it actually helps calm and soothe the skin creating a barrier that helps your skins natural moisture stay rather than be evaporated by day to day living. It contains vitamin A which encourages cell regeneration and improve hydration.

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil is packed full of vitamin E, B complex, copper, zinc, chromium and selenium which strengthens the skins natural healing process and restores elasticity whilst reducing fine lines.

Patchouli Essential Oil

This essential oil is packed full of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties so are perfect for this homemade recipe.

So let’s get going on making your magic pot of eye cream.

Put the coffee oil in a heatproof jar. Add the coconut oil and beeswax to the 2 tablespoons of coffee oil.

Melt the coconut oil, beeswax and coffee oil in a pan filled with 2 inches of water.

Once melted, remove from heat and add 4-5 drops of patchouli oil. Patchouli essential oil is perfect in this recipe because it regenerates new skin cells which keeps the skin looking young, healthy and vibrant. Patchouli is also great for all skin types. You can substitute lavender essential oil if you prefer.

Pour into a wide mouth container.

Let it cool and solidify. It’s okay if there are some residual coffee grounds.

Gently pat around eyes before going to bed or in the morning under the eye makeup to brighten your eyes.

Let us know if you make this and how it works for you.