Live In The UK? Here’s How To Turn Your 28 Days’ Vacation Into 60 In 2020

We all at some point say there just is never enough vacation days in the year to take time to have a good rest before returning to work and the dreaded stress.

2020 is going to be a boom vacation time for you if you live in the UK.

The average Brit has 28 days leave to take each year; this includes that countries national holidays which they call ‘bank holidays.’

By following this clever plan you will turn 28 days into 60 days including the weekends.

How to maximise your holidays in 2020

December 2019/ January 2020

Take a 14-day holiday by booking 7 days off

Dates: 23 December – 5 January


Take an 11-day holiday by booking 5 days off

Dates: 9 April – 19 April


Take an 18-day holiday by booking 10 days off

Dates: 8 May – 25 May

August/ September

Take a 9-day holiday by booking 4 days off

Dates:  29 August – 6 September


Take an 8-day holiday by booking 2 days off

Dates:  28 December – 4 January

Total annual leave taken: 28

Total days (including weekends) off:  60