Life Challenges That Only Empaths Could Understand

It seems as though people who are empaths truly have some sort of gift. Not everyone is like them, as they truly hold some traits that aren’t found in everyone. However, it’s not that easy being an empath. You have to pay a price for it as you’re extremely sensitive in all situations, along with being prone to feelings like depression and anxiety. You feel like all the weight of the world is on your shoulders.

From this, we can conclude that being an empath is not actually a gift as it throws many challenges.

Being an empath, you know the challenges and obstacles quite well. Here are the 5 common challenges an empath faces and if you’re truly one of them, you relate to these from your core.

Feeling constant pain.

Empaths are constantly being hurt. Hurt by their own emotions along with other people’s emotions, as they affect them much more than others. They feel everything as their own. When they see other people lose something or someone or when they’re grieving, it tears them apart. It breaks their heart into tiny pieces.

Being thin-skinned.

They can’t really ignore the energies that surround them. They’re bound to feel them, and it causes a great amount of anxiety and pressure. It affects their mind, body and overall well-being. They’re oversensitive and it’s just not up to them to simply ignore the feelings and energies around them.

Sacrificing everything.

You can always count on them because they’ll always put other people’s needs over their own. They’ll make other people their priority in a jiffy. It’s like they have a banner with “I’m here if you need me” written all over them for people to see it.

They are constantly feeling emotions that aren’t even their own. They might do everything to protect your feelings, but they’ll never do enough to protect themselves. The walls that they’ve built around them are too weak because they want to be there for everyone. They have little to no emotional boundaries.

Not fitting in.

They’re not ones who will ever fit into this cold world. They’ll always be titled as people who’re ‘hyper-sensitive” or people that ‘feel too much’. People think they’re immature and can’t handle the reality of life. They’re like fallen angels – too pure for normal people to ever understand. Their fear of judgment isolates them with their deep thoughts.

The world makes them question themselves. They ask themselves: “Why am I like this?”, “Am I wrong or is the entire world wrong?” or “Do I even want to exist?”


Empaths may come off as cold and rude to people around them because they like being alone, but in reality, people drain their energy. They torture them with their emotions and negative energy, which is very hard for an empath to escape. This stops them from being their real selves because they’re fighting a battle inside their mind against many emotions.

They don’t want to feel alone and isolated, but they always end up feeling that way. This leads them alone with their thoughts, which increases their anxiety and depression to another level. They don’t always want to be alone. They keep wishing that they had people around that can actually understand them, but that rarely happens.