Lessons I Learned Thanks To Some Of My WTF Moments

We’ve all had them you know the WTF moments and you’re left there thinking ‘Are you serious’? Here are some of mine:

WTF Moment 1 – Respect

We all get told to respect everyone and you will get respect back. Respect people regardless of religion, race, gender and sexual orientation and I wholeheartedly agree with that, but sorry Mom it’s just not that easy when you get treated like shit from the off. People get one chance with me and the moment I’m disrespected my eyes narrow and its on. Far too many people act like they are entitled to respect but have no idea how to give it, life is too short to deal with assholes.

WTF Moment 2 – Opening up

Too often we are made to feel in the wrong for bottling our feelings up, it seems they have forgotten that keeping shit to ourselves at times works for us. How many times have we taken the plunge to only find our confidences betrayed because we picked the wrong person to confide in. It doesn’t help us being made to feel at odds with others if we keep things to ourselves, perhaps if more people knew how to keep their mouths shut, we wouldn’t feel the need to bottle things up.

WTF Moment 3 – Treat yourself

Life is short enough already without having a guilt trip laid on you for treating yourself right. Far too often we are being labelled as selfish, we are not. If I want to take time away from those around me I will and tough luck if they don’t like it, and if I want that piece of cake or to buy those shoes I will, it’s my life and my money.

WTF Moment 4 – Say “no” to yourself, too.

I have lost count since I gave myself the WTF talking to of how many times, I had to tell myself NO! No, you’re not going to help that person out again, no you’re not going to support so and so again as they will just keep expecting it of you. Sometimes you have to say no and if they don’t like it tough.

WTF Moment 5 – Read more

Bet you’re thinking how is this a WTF moment, well for me it is, I spent so much time doing things I felt I had to do that I forgot to do things that were nice to do. I was an avid reader until life became a cycle of to-do lists, so I binned my to-do lists, took the view shit will get done but not today and made time for myself and reading the books I love.

WTF Moment 6 – Don’t care about what other people might say

If I worried about what everyone may be saying or thinking about me, I’d go insane, so now I’m in the camp of zero f*cks given. Why should I worry about what they may or may not be saying, I can’t change them running their mouth, and I have better things to spend my energy on than jealous envious people. Bye Felicia.

WTF Moment 7 – Feed your soul

Life drains us so much what with day to day living and add all the toxic people and the environment around us it’s a wonder we function at all. Stop running yourself into the ground and do what feeds your soul. Want to start dance lessons? do it! Want to go to night school and become a chef? do it! Want to start your own business? do it! Do what is right for you, it’s funny how when you start doing what you want you find yourself saying WTF less and less.

WTF Moment 8 – Don’t rely on anybody

How many times have you found yourself saying WTF when someone lets you down yet again. Never trust anyone’s promise after they have let you down the second time, I say the second time because yes things in life can cause them to be unable to meet their commitments, so do look at the bigger picture, but twice in a row, a bit suspect that! so rely on only one person, you!

WTF Moment 9 – Appreciate the things you have

I admit I used to complain I didn’t have this, or I didn’t have that, I must have sounded a right moaner, it wasn’t until someone said you have your health, your family a roof over your head, food what more do you want? Perfectly valid question, it made me step back and think STFU and live instead of wishing.

WTF Moment 10 – Ignore the doubters

I have my dreams and I work to make them happen, may not happen soon but its all part of the bigger picture, I’ve had people say to me why are you doing that? How much does it cost you? Why bother? WTF really because it’s my dream and I’m working to make it real. Doubters can do a lot of damage so now I block them out, it’s making me happy working on my dream so why should they care.

WTF Moment 11 – Don’t be shy

I used to be the worlds worst for asking for help or guidance on something or taking the plunge and talking to a guy in a bar. Now I won’t let my shyness hold me back even if I end up looking an idiot at least I know I’ve tried.

WTF Moment 12 – It’s OK to not know what you exactly want

Despite outward appearances, I don’t always know exactly what I want, I wing it! Truly I do, it’s a wing wing here and a wing wing there, sometimes I come out ok other times not, but isn’t that what life is all about?

No matter how much “You gotta be f*cking kidding me!” and “WTF moments” life throws at you—Never give up!