Knowing When To Walk Away From A Toxic Relationship Isn’t Always Easy

Some times we can go to extreme measures and become so consumed with our partners and significant others, that we would often do anything just to keep the relationship flourishing and to maintain our partners’ interest in us. If your partner doesn’t value you or the efforts you make, if they don’t seem to reciprocate the feelings you have for them, then its time to leave them and move forward.

So many people around us make the mistake of staying in a relationship that stays stagnant and doesn’t bring any value to them in the long term. Mostly its because we seem to get so much engrossed with our current partner and the time and energy we invested in maintaining this connection. We are not ready to let go of this anytime soon. Other times, we believe that our partner is worth the struggle and that they will mend their ways if given the chance is also justifiable that ending a romantic relationship so suddenly can be traumatizing and devastating, especially when one partner is emotionally, financially and physically morally dependent on the other.

Life is too short

No matter how much you don’t want to hear this, but life is too limited to spend your life and abilities with the wrong partner. Deciding whether your partner is beneficial for you or a bad influence in your life is both difficult to realize and hard to acknowledge. That coupled with the limited ability of our brains to process our thoughts against our partner adds to the task. As humans, when we are deeply in love with someone, we tend to focus more on their strengths and less on the inadequacies, even if the negatives are clearly outnumbered and the people around us can recognize that. The same applies when we are on the lookout for potential partners and in the early months of dating. If they seem to have an inconsistent attitude, if they ignore or avoid you, then you need to reconsider your choice. They either have a liking for you and are toying with your brain, or they might just not be that into you. The point to be noted is that if someone is just not open and honest enough to talk about their feelings with you, to handle issues in a responsible way then your better off without them being in your life

How to tell if your partner is right for you

It is difficult to answer this surely, but if you can’t be your self ( all the good and bad that makes you unique) around them, if they willingly put you down, point out your flaws and make you feel insecure about your feelings and personality. If they verbally or mentally abuse and torture you, and don’t make the same effort as you towards the relationship then you need to realize that they are not the ideal partner for you or anyone. Everyone needs a supportive and loving partner, and these qualities make the whole process worthwhile.

If they are not? Walk away

The fact is that life is too short and precious to waste on a partner that doesn’t deserve your efforts or play mindless ‘too hard to get games’ with you without realizing that you are worth it. The truth is that everyone commits mistakes but not everyone learns from the experience. Don’t wait around for things to change magically, don’t bet all your hopes on a person who clearly shows no signs of improvement. Live for yourself, your happiness instead of some other person. Don’t beg or plead for love, realize that you can make through without anyone. If someone is not ready to shower there love on you freely then you need to provide them the convenience and exit from their life as soon as you can.