Know When To Walk Away From Someone; Never Beg Someone To Love You

It seems like a lot of us go through a lot of stress and difficult situations to keep our partners interested in our relationship. We try to keep holding on to someone who doesn’t feel the same and we genuinely want to make it last forever, but we fail most of the time.

If your significant other seems disinterested, distant or doesn’t seem to think highly of you anymore, then it’s time to leave the relationship, no matter how hard it may be. A lot of us make the biggest mistake in still being with an unworthy partner just because we invested a lot of things to make this relationship happen; whether that be time, feelings or intimacy.

Sometimes, the pain of ending a relationship overshadows our well being and self worth. We simply don’t want to leave the person, even if the other person is not right for us. Sometimes, it might seem like your partner’s attitude will gradually change as we bend according to their liking and they will take notice of it. Its true, ending a relationship is quite hard and not very easy to forget, especially when your significant other is your emotional, moral and financial support system.


Don’t spend your limited time on an unworthy person. Knowing what is right or wrong in a partner can be very hard to determine, as we tend to overlook the negatives and immerse in the handful of positives, just because of not thinking with our brains. If someone cannot be honest with you about their life, their fears, their happiness, then they are not worth your time and you need to walk away. If they are being distant, not valuing you, then don’t waste your time in staying in this mess. You deserve a whole lot better and that person being in your life is just diminishing all opportunities for you to find your true-life partner.


If your partner does not bring out the best in you and does not allow you to be a true version of yourself, then he is just playing with you. If he forces you to change yourself, then he is not right for you. If he makes you feel uneasy or fidgety around him, he is not worth your time. If he demoralizes you, does not value your goals and beliefs, belittles you or calls you out, then he is not the perfect partner to be stuck with for the rest of your life.


You cannot allow yourself to waste your entire life with someone who does not value you. You deserve someone who can bring out the best in you and with whom you can be free as a bird flying above the skies. If he holds you down or even tries stopping you from achieving what you want in life, then he is not worth your time.

The right thing to do in this case, even if you spent a huge chunk of time with that person, is to walk away from this bundle of toxicity. You will not believe how much you will thank yourself after time passes. You will feel a weight off your chest and you can finally begin to pursue your real and true happiness.