Japan Has Invented Shoes With GPS To Track Family Members With Alzheimer’s And Prevent Them From Getting Lost!

With more and more people being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or senile dementia there is a real concern for those suffering from the condition getting lost as the initial symptoms are often disorientation.

As the disease progresses the person losing the skill to orient themselves and they feel lost even when inside their home. This increases the condition as the person will also experience anxiety.

Often those suffering from the condition feel the need to leave their current location even if that is inside their home as they believe they are in a stranger’s home and not their own, so they leave and that is when they often go missing.

Often a search is called for including at times the police to find the missing family member which causes upset and anxiety to family members and a fear that something has happened to their loved one.

A Japanese company looked into this problem and they have created a GPS device that you can add to the family members’ shoes. Each time they leave the home they would normally put on their shoes, the GPS will enable you to then track your family member, they can also be added to slippers should you loved one leave home without putting outdoor shoes on.

The GPS will be able to track them down regardless of how far they have gone, which is vital to finding them safe and sound.

Japan is well known as being front runners in technology so this idea should come as no surprise. This invention will benefit everyone globally.

Wish Hills company has derived a device that will help anyone track down their family member and this could also be used in children’s shoes and help you find your child if they have wandered off or worst-case scenario been taken by someone.

If you find your loved one is missing you can activate the GPS and it will send a notification to your smartphone or computer with a map, alternatively, if your loved one has left home and has moved 165ft (50 m), 328 ft (100m), or 1640 ft (500 m) outside of their home, the GPS device will automatically send you a notification. This will help locate their exact location earlier than it could be.

Currently, these GPS shoes are sold only in Japan and they are not cheap. They sell for about $300 per pair of shoes.

This device would not benefit only Japan with almost 25% of its population being over 65. The entire world could benefit from something like this.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has stated that 47.5 million people in the world have senile dementia. Each year, there are new cases of this disease in 7.7 million people. This kind of data is troubling and other countries might get involved in using these useful devices.

Sources:  www.wtvideo.com