It’s Not Complicated, He Just Doesn’t Give AF!

When any guy truly cares about you and wants to be with you, he stays committed. He’s not afraid of showing his relationship off to the world. Such a man knows what he is feeling and is not afraid to show it.

You are treated right if he is the right guy for you.

Since you are important to him, he shows interest and also ensures that he does not do anything out of line to break your trust. He is someone you can always count on. This is the mature man you can count on.

If a guy is not making an effort he is just not into you. When truly in love, a real man tries to make his relationship his priority. He would show that he loves you and he’d never give up on the person he loves.

If a guy says he is busy all the time and tells you he has priorities over you, he just does not love you. He is not putting you first.

When in love, a man who cares will put friends behind and focus on his love. Living a single life is not something he enjoys when he has found the one. You should not be in doubt because of his actions. If he is going out all the time and blowing you off, he simply doesn’t give AF.

Being consistent is the key here. There should be no doubts, and a man who cares will leave a strong feeling in your head that he truly loves you.

Consistency is the key for a guy who cares. He makes sure his love for you doesn’t change with time. He will be straight forward with you if he loves you. Your relationship would not be a mystery. He is available physically and emotionally to you when you really need him.

It’s not easy to accept how a boyfriend behaves, especially if he is not true to you. You need to accept that if he is showing you that he does not care, he simply doesn’t care. You must understand that you can never trust him to be loyal. If he only comes around when he feels like it, he is just time passing and he does not love you. Do not think that things will get better. He is just not out for what you want.

If you know he is cheating and is not true to this relationship you need to open your eyes and make the right decision for you. We all know in a relationship if our partner is true or not. That deep gut feeling you get when you know he is lying is hardly ever wrong!

We all know that his heart was broken in the past, and he is just messing around now to avoid commitment and pain. You cannot be the one to fix him if he simply doesn’t care. If the relationship is fake to him, and he simply doesn’t give AF, but you do care, he is just going to mess up your mind worse than he ever was.

You are always available for him because he knows you won’t betray him, but when you need him, he is nowhere to be found. He needs you as a time pass and is not actually in love with you.

You deserve someone who gives you what you give them in a relationship. This relationship with him is not going to go anywhere, and I think you know that.

You know deep down that this guy is not complicated instead he just doesn’t give a F*ck. He is stringing you along for his benefit when he wants it and leaving you empty the rest of the time. He’s just using you, and it’s far from complicated.

He comes around to show you love when everyone else rejects him. As soon as he is bored he leaves and is not there for you. He knows you love him and that is why he uses you. People like him never change.

You are aware that this relationship is a trap, but you must also know that this guy will not end it. In fact, he would want you to end it so he can be the victim. Just another way to make you feel bad.

This relationship is toxic and it must end to end your misery. Have the courage to gather yourself and be away from all this. It’s better for you.

After giving everything you deserve better. You tried to save a fake relationship, but it did not work. Get up, save yourself and stop trying to make things between you two happen. It’s not complicated, he just doesn’t care.