It Is Not Always Easy To Recognize The Signs Of Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse can be shouting, bullying, criticizing, manipulating and intimidating.

The effect is long lasting and can lead to the survivor of the abuse having to need treatment to recover.

You can see clearly physical abuse, but emotional abuse is not so easy to see.

You may be experiencing emotional abuse and not even know it.

Here are some signs;

He humiliates you 

This is one of the abuses that can be seen by those around you. They notice his behavior towards you and should be appalled at what they see.

If he humiliates you in front of your friends and family then there is a serious problem as he is comfortable in doing so and thinks no one will notice.

Sadly, for some, this sign gets missed as they are enthralled by him as a person, if you feel safe to do so stand up for yourself in front of them, it’s a quick way for those around you to be made aware he really isn’t the good guy after all.

He doesn’t care about your opinion 

If he makes fun of your opinions or dismisses them, he is attempting to manipulate you into changing your thoughts and views to what he says you should have.

He is forcing his dominance on you, and if you are not prepared to change to his views only, then he will continue going on at you until you do.

He doesn’t deserve you and you don’t deserve to be treated this way.

He is sarcastic 

As they say, sarcasm is the lowest form of wit.

If he makes fun of you it says more about him than you!

He has no respect for you as a person and is just going to continue with this behavior and to hell with how it makes you feel.

He says you are too sensitive 

Should you raise with him that what he says makes you unhappy and has hurt your feelings, he will be quick to say you are too sensitive.

No one is too sensitive if it hurts your feelings no one has the right to tell you it doesn’t.

If he can’t accept how you feel, then he is totally the wrong person to be spending your time with.

He controls you 

If you feel that no matter what you do will be wrong that is a really bad way to live, you will end up living on your nerves waiting for him to have a go at you.

He will want to control you fully.

Constantly living on your nerves will be draining and is often associated with having stomach issues such as heartburn, indigestion or worse ulcers.

He corrects your behavior 

You’re out with friends and having fun, you’re relaxed and enjoying yourself and you find yourself smiling and laughing out loud after a few cheeky glasses of wine, he stomps on you from a great height and tells you to behave yourself as you are embarrassing him.

You are not a child, you’re an adult and you’ve done nothing wrong, but your night is now ruined, and you have been humiliated in front of all your friends.

He doesn’t permit you to go out 

You’ve planned for weeks to have a girl’s night out and at the last minute, he wants you to cancel your plans.

He pretends to be sick and that he needs you to stay home with him, or he just bluntly says “You’re not going out”.

This is no way to act and the guy seriously needs to get some professional help which is unlikely as he will never admit to himself, he has issues.

He controls the finances 

He won’t let you have your own bank account or even a joint bank account.

He has to control all the money and you have to explain every single expenditure to him.

He gives you cash, but you have to provide receipts for even the basics such as grocery shopping.

He has bad body language when being with you 

If he clicks his fingers to get your attention or tells you to leave the room whilst he takes a call the guys one huge asshole.

If he turns his back to you when you are talking to him or even just walks out the room mid-sentence that’s ignorance at its finest.

He always points out your mistakes 

Whatever you do wrong he will enjoy raising it with you over and over again.

You could do something as simple as a spelling error on Facebook and let’s be honest half the time that’s stupid autocorrect and you will never hear the end of it.

He accuses you of things you didn’t do

He makes up stories saying you did things when you didn’t.

Watch these closely as often what you are really experiencing is projection, this means what he is saying you did, he has actually done himself, an example being had an affair.

He is not tolerant 

He has no tolerance for you at all.

If you’re late meeting him all hell will break out, but if he is late you can’t say anything you just have to accept it.

He will not respect or tolerate any boundaries you have and will do all he can to break these down, whilst putting up boundaries of his own.

If you are experiencing any of these then do yourself a favor and ask yourself;

Do I really want to live like this!?