Intelligent People Tend To Have Fewer Friends And They Like It That Way

The connections and acquaintances we acquire throughout our lives provide valuable insight into our distinctive character. For example, hardworking and passionate individuals find like-minded people whereas shallow and selfish people get along with people who want the same needs to be fulfilled.

Likewise, intelligent and mindful people prefer to keep a social circle full of goal-oriented, sharp and well-educated beings.

However, it is a fact that intelligent and smart people are really hard to encounter, and since they are wise enough to differentiate between genuine vs superficial individuals, they tend to keep their social circle restricted and limited.

Little patience for small talk and forced conversations

These individuals strive to establish meaningful personal connections with everyone they meet. They don’t need a small chit chat or irrelevant blabbering just to seek validation from others. They are comfortable within their own skin and that’s why being alone is an ideal state for them.

They see people for what they truly are

Intelligent people can straightaway identify fake people from the real ones and that is a huge blessing for them. This is how they can decide who is worth their time and who isn’t. These people have no intentions of getting into pointless drama and gossip. Their main aim is how they can improve themselves more.

They say what they think and mean it

These intuitive beings have a strong set of values and beliefs that they cherish. This is why they can be painfully straightforward at times in getting their thoughts across, even if their opinions aren’t really accepted by the norm or are controversial.

They listen and people watch

They tend to take a back seat and analyze their surroundings with a mindful approach, which means they think good and hard before starting a conversation and mostly hear out others. They know that the mindless blabbering will only distract them from their self-development goals.

They avoid drama and those that cause it

Intelligent people like to stay miles away from anything that involves backstabbing, gossip and superficial intentions. They are much more interested in using that time to improve upon themselves. They don’t like wasting time and have a greater sense of purpose in their life. They do accept some interaction is required to progress in some instances, they stay out of the games people play.

They have a small circle of friends they know they can trust

While these people tend to avoid socializing, they do have their own set of substantial and reliable friendships who have stood the test of time and have stuck around for a long time. Friends who lift them when they feel discouraged, friends who guide the way when confusion takes over. No one can ever replace them.

They know their worth

These sharp-minded individuals realize their fortes as well as their weaknesses. They are comfortable in their own skin and seek no validation from others. These people have made it a point to go against the flow and stand out amongst others. They don’t want to be like everyone else. They want to challenge their comfort zone and go beyond their limits.

They are often viewed as a threat to others

This is often the reason why normal people may feel that these people are self-centred and ignorant while on the other side, intelligent people are only misunderstood in this aspect because they like to keep things simple and original. They prefer to be left to themselves no matter how others