If You Like Growing Something Unique You Can’t Go Wrong With This Phallic Chilli Plant That Will Spice Things Up For You

I like something unusual and unique in my home and when I saw this I had to laugh and think yeah, I’m gonna try this just for fun if nothing else.

Growing your own herbs is easy and at little cost, you get far more from your plants than you would from stores and they just keep on giving, I’ve given so much away trying to get them to stop taking over my kitchen and my herb garden.

If you like growing things why not have some amusement with it and grow some Willy Chillies.

Firebox is a pretty unique gift site as in it offers you unusual gifts and I spent quite some time looking around and having way too much fun in what I saw.

Without a doubt, I found the Grow a Dick one of the more amusing gifts available and with its phallic-looking red chilli peppers that comes in a tiny planter with the seeds a great gift for friends with the same sense as humor as your own.

These chillis are known as capsicum annuum, OMG what a name and are marketed as growers and not showers, LMAO.

With very little effort and some watering, you will find them sprouting within 12 to 18 days. You just follow the instructions and put the penis pepper pot in a bright warm place and wait for them to grow and before you know it you’ll be whipping up a hot and spicy dish with your own phallic chilli in no time at all.

They are currently out of stock, hmm can’t think why, but you can pre-order for when they have come back in. The only downside is they are only delivering within the European Union, so you can either ask a friend who lives in the EU to order and then send to you or hit sites such as Amazon and buy the seeds.

Life is far too short to not have some fun and spice up your life and your food.