If You Find Your Shine Being Dimmed By Those Around You, It’s Because You Are Being A People Pleaser

Don’t put yourself down in the process of pleasing everyone around you. You should be the first person on your priority list.

Don’t go about saying YES to everyone even when you want to say no. Don’t rush into things that don’t seem fit to your personal style. Embrace the uniqueness that you have, don’t do mediocre stuff just to be popular.

Don’t fret about missing out those occasional invitations and dining out plans after a hectic week. It’s important to take your own time out to relax and recharge. It’s important to prioritize your downtime without the fear of missing out. 

The most important realization of your life is when you are finally able to identify those things that truly make you happy and you have that burning passion to go after the things you want.

Your happiness and your goals are your responsibility. Nobody is going to put in the hard work or provide you with the leverage to pursue your dream life. That’s why it’s important to prioritize your dreams and goals before anyone else.

Another great piece of advice for you is to learn to say NO in a respectable manner. Once you start to implement this habit, the people around you will be more understanding and respectful towards your precious time and your priorities. Remember to respect your loved ones and peers but not at the cost of your own life and happiness.

Practice self love selflessly!

Before pertaining to life long decisions, dig deep into your soul and find out if it’s what you really want? Does it make you truly happy? Does it satisfy you? It’s important to make these decisions wisely closely evaluating all the pros and cons, but in the grand scheme of things, always listen to your heart and soul. The true answer lies there.

By practicing self-love and self-affirmation first, you will always be motivated towards the cause you chose for yourself. You will be more aligned with your soul.

You will stop doing mediocre things because you will feel so secure in yourself and your decisions that you won’t need anyone’s validation. You belong in this community even if you choose a different path for yourself.

And the best part is that you will stop hiding yourself and your achievements, albeit weird, from the world. You know that even though the path you chose for yourself isn’t conventional, it’s exactly what you envisioned for yourself.

Trust me when I say this, all of those obstacles and worrying about what people might think or say is all in your mind. Instead of pushing yourself away from your ultimate goals, it should serve as a motivation for you to continue the path you are on.

Say NO whenever you don’t feel like doing something. Say it confidently but firmly. Yes, you might be criticized and talked about, but let them say what they want. Set yourself free from this toxicity and stagnant thinking. Strive to achieve whatever you set your mind to.

Start saying YES to happiness and fulfilment. Say YES to growth and change. Say YES to the real things that matter. Say YES to the new you. Don’t let others meddle their way into your personal growth and satisfaction.

Saying No isn’t going to make you arrogant and self-centred. Saying No means establishing firm and fixed boundaries around yourself and others, where you can find the energy and time to work on yourself. This is self-love. Not selfishness. 

As the saying goes, the world is your oyster. Only the ones who are brave enough to go after the things they want are the ones who taste success.