If You Find Life Is Too Draining For You At Times, Try These 10 Crystals That Will Help Calm, Relax And Uplift You

Crystals have been used to improve health and happiness for centuries, they help ease anxiety and stress which in turn uplifts our energy and mood.

Each crystal has its own meaning and use, these 10 have been used for problems with anxiety and stress.


This beautiful stone can be found in an array of shades from its familiar aqua blue to a light green. It is one of the more popular stones and was used by Native Americans and Egyptians as they believe it helps in protecting you from negativity. If you are attending a social event that is making you anxious wear some Turquoise and you will find yourself feeling confident and perhaps a little extroverted from what you usually are.

Rose Quartz

If you find yourself in a relationship that is making you unhappy wearing some Rose quartz or leaving some on your nightstand will aid in helping you face what is wrong. It is particularly good in helping those that have experienced an abusive relationship as it will help remove the trauma blockages, bring forth peace and tranquillity and give you strength to face the past and prepare you for moving on to a relationship that you deserve.


I have to be honest the Amethyst is my favorite and it has seen me through some challenging times. It is good at clearing confusion and giving clarity and increasing your mood swings, it aids with insomnia and is very calming to be around. It is also a good crystal to have around if you are grieving the loss of someone as it gives you a sense of calm and peacefulness that is so often missing whilst you grieve.


An absolutely stunning stone that is powerful in healing at a time when you may be feeling lost in your path of life. If worn it will help release negative thoughts and encourage you to follow your dreams. It comes in many colors and helps with removing toxins from the body that weakens your immune system. I use mine to help with my PTSD and I always feel much calmer when near it or wearing it.


Citrine encourages happiness and you will find with this that you feel almost childlike again, with a much freer attitude, it is amazingly good at removing fatigue and has been known to aid the wearer when at work bringing prosperity. It will help clear your mind which enables you to be more proactive in your life and make well-informed decisions.

Blue Topaz

The Blue Topaz is known for promoting joy and good fortune. You will find having this around enables you to communicate better in either writing or speaking. If you are someone who has to carry out presentations this would be ideal to have around you when you do so. You will find yourself less anxious and dreading that something may go wrong. If you are suffering from writer block have this crystal on your desk and you will find your block soon clears.


If you are a sensitive soul this crystal is perfect for you, it promotes happiness, love and luck, it will help protect you from negative energy that may be close by and it is a very personal crystal, it merges to you and you will find yourself feeling less anxious or stressed when you have this with you. It is believed that it can help with conception, childbirth and breastfeeding and you will find it often a gift to the mother in certain circles.


This stone is amazing, it is definitely one to have around if you are facing a stressful situation if you have something worrying you and you are fearful you may make a wrong decision. It will calm you and help you focus so that you can do what needs to be done. If you are transitioning in life then this is the stone you should get and allow it to be close by you at all times until you feel you have finished your journey for now.


Often referred to as the artists stone, it offers trust, truth, tolerance and patience and improves communication. If you find your mind a never-ending whirl and feel no peace then having this close by will calm your mind and give you some clarity and peace. If you have some fear that you can’t pinpoint why this stone will open up your mind to your creative side that is perhaps why you have been feeling so out of balance as you could be holding back what you are destined to be.


If you suffer from depression and have no motivation for your life a ruby is the symbol of vitality and will aid with bringing some fire back into your life. It is good for releasing the emotional turmoil you may be feeling and will aid you into seeing your self-worth and encourage you to love yourself more. You will feel more motivated and it will inspire you to set yourself little goals so that you achieve them and feel that you are getting somewhere and that can only be a good thing.