I Want A Man Who Won’t Stop Pursuing Me Even After He’s Already Got Me

We’ve all been through failed relationships in our lives even I’ve had a few failures of my own and unfortunately modern dating experiences too. Here are a few things I’ve gathered and understood through my experiences and have a few things to say.

I am tired of people with immature and irresponsible behaviors and their games. It is sickening how you would do anything to get me into a relationship with you and commit to you just so you can forget about me later. I’m tired of being taken for granted.

I don’t just want a honeymoon phase that’ll end but a relationship full of spark – a honeymoon relationship.

You can’t just chase me like I’m some sort of trophy girl and then disregard me once you have got me. I need a relationship that will help me grow, not a childish long-term commitment that is ultimately a waste of time. For our love to be true and legitimate, you have to keep putting in the same effort that you put while you were trying to pursue me.

I need to be reminded that you haven’t forgotten about me. That you still feel the same way about me, and the spark isn’t dying. All some men do is chase and that’s the only thing they’re good at. But men that keep putting in effort even after they have me well that’s gold. It makes you feel worth something and reminds you that you’re still important.

Make me feel wanted. It’s really important for you to make me feel wanted. It’s easy for a guy to go all-out while chasing to make me his trophy woman but where does this effort go once everything has settled? I really don’t want the effort to suddenly die down. I want to feel like you’re falling in love with me more each day or all over again. That’s how much I want to feel wanted.

A relationship that flourishes throughout is what I long for. I want to be told how much I’m loved by a man every day while I’m in his arms. I don’t want a man that’ll get annoyed by my clinginess rather someone who’ll appreciate my constant effort to show love. I’m the type of person that’ll love like crazy and I’m not afraid to admit it.

I’m also the type of person who likes to commit. I want something that will last my entire life. I’m not into flings and I sure as hell don’t want to be wasting my time and energy over some short-term relationship. I might seem too demanding and I know that the honeymoon phase has to die someday but I also know we are responsible for its disappearance.

So, I just want to let you know if you aren’t that person, please don’t waste your time chasing me. I’m not someone you’d want to have a short-term fling with so stop leading me on. Stop making promises that we both know you’re unable to fulfil.

I hate the thought of being taken for granted. I don’t want to be someone you can crawl back to whenever you want and then leave when you feel like you’re done for the day like I’m not some sort of plaything for you.

I’m asking for all of this, and yes, I promise to give the same in return. I just don’t want it to be one-sided. I need you to share your emotions and thoughts with me. If you don’t then I’ll be looking for an escape. It’s not the chase that thrills me but the love that is pure, passionate and deep. I want you to be the person who will help me keep the fire lit even after years of being together and someone who’d make me feel like we’re in this together.

I’m tired of being played by immature men with lots of time on their hands. I need a real man who can promise me genuine love and affection for eternity.