I Love My Cats More Than I Love My Boyfriend

As a true feline fanatic, I cannot help but wonder why people have such negative things to say about cat lovers and their immense love for their furry cuties. I have always had cats as pets since I was 10 years old.

I currently own 2 cats and I truly miss them when I’m away from home or on a vacation. I love showering snuggles and warm embraces from my pets and genuinely love the idea of spending an entire lifetime with my pets. Now I don’t want to judge anyone for preferring a significant other over a pet. It’s a conventional societal norm that’s set for the most of us, plus the financial and emotional dependence that comes with it is certainly not found with our pets.

Hear me out here, I’m not completely crazy; here are 6 reasons why cats (in my case) are better than having a boyfriend:

Endless Cuddles!

Whether your partner has late night shifts or their guys night out, your partner may be too preoccupied to cuddle with you in many situations. Here’s where my cats come to the rescue. These cuddly creatures are available 24/7 for all the cuddling sessions I might need when I feel down or stressed out. Just the warm embrace and purring of my pets are enough to submit myself to comfort and relaxation and forget about my tiring day.

They Appreciate The Small Things.

Being in a romantic relationship means lavishing your partner with meaningful gifts, arranging dinners or romantic getaways, and while all this is amazing, it definitely leads to stress and a lot of money too. As far as your cat is concerned, a simple yarn ball, new cat litter or a fresh batch of cat food is all that is needed to satisfy your feline furball.

You Always Have A Nap Partner.

As we all know, cats are fond of sleeping A LOT. Whether it’s the couch or in front of the T.V, your pet will never say no to any chance you both can get to sleep. Whereas a partner might wake you up when they are bored or need a quick sandwich fix. Tisk Tisk.

They Won’t Argue Over Dinner Options.

It’s beginning to become a global crisis now. Whenever I indulge in a dinner date with my partner, the first 30 mins are usually wasted on deciding the menu, and I might be craving pasta while my partner wants a beef steak; It leaves both parties longing for more. With my cat, just a small nibble of whatever I’m munching on seems to do the trick.

They Can’t Break Up With You.

Human relationships are temporary and extremely complicated. Long distance, not being happy with each other, finances, and jealousy take the toll on the best of us. What I cherish about my relationship with my pets is the simplicity it entails around. Sure my cats can wreak havoc on the house and my furniture, but the slightest of purring and the cute rolling over is enough to melt my heart.

No Pressure To Look Presentable.

You want to look and smell good and tidy up the house in the initial days to impress your new boyfriend, later on, it becomes a daily chore when families are involved. My cat won’t judge me if I wear my favorite set of pyjamas for 3 days straight or if I haven’t vacuumed the floor, Damn it, I love them for that.

As is evident, every relationship requires some sort of emotional investment, but I would still prefer my fuzz balls over any other human relationship any day, because to me the love I get from them is priceless, and the bond we share is amazing.