I Don’t Want Just A Lover, I Want A Best Friend Too

Being in love is indeed a beautiful experience. You become so infatuated with that person that you just want to embrace them in your arms and hold them close. It’s human nature to desire physical touch in romantic relationships and it may even strengthen the relationship more than ever, but I want something beyond intimacy. I want someone to be my best friend before anything else.


Life is hard, and so are the situations we face on a regular basis. I want a partner who instead of resorting to intimacy, actually lends a shoulder to me for crying all my sorrows away on. I want him to listen patiently while I pour my heart out to him. I want him to hold me close to him in a tight embrace when fear engulfs me.

At the same time, I want to be his number 1 supporter when he doubts himself. I want us to stand strong together and pick each other up when one of us falls weak. I want us to be each others biggest support through every thing life decides to throw our way.


The thing about hanging out with our friends is that each day is unpredictable and totally unique. Even if it isn’t fancy or top notch, it’s bound to be an enthralling experience. Whether it’s going to see the latest movie, even if it isn’t that great, watching a football game or just late night walks while exploring the city, friends can make any situation worthwhile.

I envision my relationship with my significant other in the same way. Sure romantic dinner dates or a candlelit evening once in a while are absolutely necessary, but instead of worrying about visiting the next in trend couple destination, going window shopping in a mall and relaxing by the beach seems rather picture perfect.


While I do agree that some sort of physical compatibility is necessary for a relationship to strive, it’s not the sole parameter. A healthy relationship requires emotional and meaningful connections to prosper. I want to share my heart and soul with you, and not just my physical body. I want us to connect on a deeper level of personal understanding and thought process.

Relationships are not just a boy and a girl having fun, it involves being fully invested within one another while maintaining boundaries to strive as separate individuals. No matter how intimate you are with each other, only the level of respect and the strong bond you share for one another will lead to long-term satisfaction as partners.

That’s why I strive to make my partner not just my boyfriend/husband, I want him to be my best friend who is able to recognize who I am as a person. That’s what I think is the perfect recipe to a long term successful relationship.