I Don’t Need Perfection From A Man, I Just Want A Man Who’s Mature Enough To Love Me Right

No man can be perfect! People are full of errors and flaws. Like many other girls, I spent a huge amount of time looking for a perfect man to settle down with. I have always been a perfectionist, so I looked for a guy who was flawless and error-free; the “too good to be the real” type. With this state of mind, I always ended up disappointed.

With so many heartbreaks, tears and broken emotions, I realized that no man can or will ever be perfect. It’s only the love, care, and affection, that brings ‘the best’ out of people.

After so many fails, I lowered my standards, but there are still a few basic qualities that I’d like my man to have. The first and foremost thing that I want my man to be is a mentally grown-up and mature person that understands the true meaning of life.

Men tend to mature later than women do, so I no longer look for the young good looks, muscular bodies or the sharpest minds. Now I look for the man who is honest and true to his word. A man who knows that promises are not meant to be broken, but to be fulfilled.

Words said should be honored. I don’t want a man who promises me the world to never follow through. Promises made should be fulfilled no matter what it costs.

I’m no longer seeking perfection, all I want is a man with a goal and aim for his life.

A guy with goals and dreams for his life values everything that life brings to him. I want a man who is thankful for his life, and thankful for the people he has in his life.

A man who is self-centered is thankless, he never looks at the gifts in his life, and he blames others for his failures. His walls of ego are always high, and he never acknowledges the efforts of his girl. Giving efforts to this kind of man, no matter how good he looks, is a waste.

A man who cares to understand me is the man I am looking for.

I’m inspired by a man who has an ability to make me feel wanted, special and worthy. Someone who understands my heart and sees through my soul without words. Who knows the value of our relationship and who understands that it’s not about giving only, but it is based on the rule of giving and taking.

I need a man who respects women.

One who knows that I’m not to be taken for granted. The one who doesn’t aim just to win me once, but strives to keep me happy for the rest of my life.

There are many men out there who make a woman feel so wanted and special, then once they get her, treat her like crap. Love is not a joke and the feelings of love never lessen once they’re actually felt; It grows even stronger with time. This is the kind of true love I’m actually looking for.

I want a guy who knows how to feel the feelings of others.

I don’t want a man who is emotionally hollow, but a man who understands the true feelings and love of others. I need a man who is truthful, respectful and altruistic. I need a man to assure me that I will not be replaced when found a better option. I want to capture his heart once and forever. I want to be with a man who has a consistent nature, not the one who gets distracted by every other girl he comes across.

I really don’t want a guy who spends his every penny on me, nor do I want a man to shower the world’s most expensive gifts on me. All I want is to be taken care of, my feelings, my needs, and my happiness. I want a life full of small surprises like a rose or chocolate. I’m not among those who need million-dollar gifts to be happy. A small gift, nice words, and kind gestures are enough to make me smile and feel content.

I don’t need excellence in a relationship, I just want a guy mature enough to love me devotedly.