I Don’t Care How Many Times I’m Hurt, I Won’t Stop Being The Good Girl That I Am

I like being called the ‘nice girl’ by everyone. I know its hard to explain, but bear with me here.

I am the person who will go to great lengths to see other peoples contentment and bliss more so than my own. I am someone who has and will always prioritize others more than myself. I am responsible for endangering my own happiness for people who I mean nothing to.

At times, I wish I was more resilient than I actually am. At times I wish I would have been there to raise my own morale just as I prioritize others. At times I would ponder over the thought of not being as self-sacrificing as I am, and instead, be more considerate toward my own thoughts and needs.

But who am I trying to kid? Even when I was well aware of people with bad intentions toward me, I never stopped being the good girl that I am for them, regardless of all the heartache I had to go through. It just defines who I am. My Naïve self wants to believe that essentially all humans are good at heart, it’s just the different circumstances that cause us to have a colder heart to protect ourselves.

I will continue to be who I am. I can never be a selfish and arrogant person. I cannot just cut off ties with people instantly. I have a heart filled with goodness, enough to share with everyone. I will continue to do good whether my love and devotion are reciprocated or not.

I refuse to change even when these bitter-hearted people take advantage of my compassion and good-nature. I refuse to turn my heart to stone in the face of countless sufferings.

I am an optimistic person and I truly believe I will eventually end up with kind-hearted souls around me, who deserve me as I much deserve them. People who see the bright side of this life so clearly and individuals who want to spread peace and compassion as much as I do.

I am rather immune to other peoples thoughts about me. I will continue to spread positivity and love to anyone in need. I will always pick meaningful relationships that value people rather than ending up with a person who is only available when it deems convenient for them. This is clearly not who I am.

I don’t care who you are or what you can offer, I will not allow you to openly disregard my individuality and my vulnerable nature. Being openly exposed emotionally is my prime strength and you cannot take that away from me.

It doesn’t matter how many times I face criticism or how much heartache I have experienced, I will always be the ‘Good Girl’. I would not like to change a single thing about me because I take pride in who I am and I am thankful for all the goodness I have in my heart.