How Your Dog Sleeps Tells You How They Are Feeling

We love our four-legged babies and want them to be content and happy, and as they can’t talk to us there are a few things you can take note of to make sure they are feeling happy and safe.

Your dog’s favorite sleeping position is a huge indicator of how they are feeling and whilst some sleeping positions seem odd and comical, they tell you a lot.

The Donut

Everyone views this as super cute and adorable; they appear content and happy in their sleeping position. This position goes back to when they were living in the wild and needed to preserve as much body heat as possible and it protects their vital organs. This is an inherited position and snug for them and means they feel warm and snug.

Crazy legs

Your dog will often lay in this position in the summer, this is because they are hot and need to cool down, their bellies have the least amount of fur and as their sweat glands are found in their paws, laying like this cools them down.  They are super relaxed and feel safe in their environment and they feel calm and independent, they are extremely vulnerable in this position so it shows they trust you.

Cuddling or Back to Back

When your dog cuddles up to you it means they trust you and have a strong bond with you. They also like to cuddle up like this with other dogs in the household as they bond with them and again is an inherited trait from the days when dogs lived in the wild before they were domesticated. You will find puppies do this more often as they can’t hold their body heat until they grow so seek body heat either from you or other dogs.

Side sleeping

This shows they are relaxed and comfortable with you and their surroundings. They trust you and have no problems leaving themselves vulnerable as they are confident you would not do anything to harm them. Dogs who sleep like this are easy going and have a strong bond with their owners. They won’t lay like this with strangers in the house though.

Lion’s pose

Dogs who lay like this are tense and ready for action, it indicates they are not ready to sleep and are in guard mode, it can indicate anxiety but also that as they are not tired, they would want you to play with them.


Dogs lay like this as they can nap easily but also get up quickly and play with you. It is a definite position to take flight too, hence why it is called the Clark Kent. It indicates trust with you and they see you as their playmate.

Laying on your clothes

Your clothes carry your scent even when washed dogs can smell you on them due to their heightened senses. If they are missing you they will find any clothes laying around and you will come home to find them having made a bed of your clothes. They take comfort from your clothes and you should take it as a compliment that they love you so much.