How Each Zodiac Sign Reacts To Infidelity

Infidelity is one of the most awful things that may happen in a relationship.

You meet someone who you believe is the one, you fall in love and you truly believe he is 100% committed to you.

It seems that infidelity is more common than most of us imagined, is it a sign of the times or is that with all the social media it is getting easier to catch a partner out.

None of us act the same when we catch a partner out for cheating on us, it could be due to our zodiac signs.


Never mess with an Aries, if you do cheat on them, they will not hold back letting everyone know what you have done, that’s not just friends they will tell your family too.

They won’t feel bad about whistleblowing on you either. You’ve hurt them badly and they want everyone to know what a POS you truly are.


A Taurus may act like they have forgiven you for your betrayal, but that isn’t the case.

They have a long-term plan and that is to make you suffer for what you have done.

The expression of ‘Keep your friends close and your enemies even closer’ applies here.


Cheat on a Gemini and you will wish you hadn’t big time!

They are cool, calm and collected most of the time, but betray them and full-blown aggression comes out.

Don’t doubt when caught out you will come home to find all your possessions out in the front yard, and if they feel like it, they may even keep some of your possessions as a challenge to say ‘ask for your shit that I like if you dare’.


Cheat on a Cancer and you will hear every swear word under the sun, very loudly so all can hear.

They will tell everyone what you have done, you can be guaranteed you’ll be a Facebook status and it won’t pull any punches.

You’ve hurt them, so they want you to feel pain too.


Cheat on a Leo and the ‘Welcome to hell’ sign goes up.

Every aspect of your life will be a living hell.

They will take everything from you that they can. Your credit cards will get cancelled, the joint checking account frozen and lawyers’ letters will appear in droves.


Bad move cheating on a Virgo.

When they find out they will ask you what they did to make you cheat, what was wrong with the relationship, appearance is they are taking the blame for why you cheated, not really, it’s all part of their plan.

They have a very nasty long-term plan for revenge and it’s only just getting started.


Cheat on a Libra and be prepared to become an outcast.

They will tell everyone, friends, family, work colleagues, even your boss.

They will make fun of you to everyone in the worst possible way and you will end up wishing the ground would just open up and devour you.


Cheat on a Scorpio and you will find out just how mean they can get.

The need for revenge is very strong in this sign and they will not hold back in any way.

You will constantly have your guard up waiting for what they decide to inflict on you, and you’ll sure wish you’d kept it in your pants.


Cheat on a Sagittarius and welcome to the world of being ghosted.

They will not enter into a conversation with you about your cheating, as far as they are concerned you no longer exist.

Behind the scenes, you have devastated them, and they will feel the pain of your betrayal deeply, but they will never allow you to see that.


Cheat on a Capricorn and you will cease to exist to them.

They have no interest in revenge.

They will just go off and build a whole new and exciting life for themselves and you can bet they will make sure you find out how much better life is for them without you.


Cheat on an Aquarius and they will go into meltdown, but that’s only due to the first wave of shock.

Once the shock is over with, they will pack up their shit and go, nothing you can say or do will change their mind.

As far as they are concerned it’s a done deal, it’s over.


The most placid in regard to a betrayal of the zodiac.

They will spend weeks in shock, crying wondering what they did wrong to make you cheat.

But rest assured, there is no going back, they will view it as a non-returnable situation and will surround themselves with friends as support until they recover.