Got A Picture You Want Edited To Remove Your Ex, A Woman On Twitter Can Do It For $10, Problem Solved

If you have a picture of yourself looking super cute, but there is just one problem it has your ex in it, you can contact Hexappeal on Twitter and she will remove your ex from the picture, problem solved.

The idea soon went viral on Twitter and due to high demand, the price is now $15 but still a steal to have that perfect picture improved.

This Twitter user will edit your ex out of pics

Image credits: hexappeaI
Image credits: hexappeaI
Image credits: hexappeaI
Image credits: hexappeaI

People are impressed with her work

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People loved the first pic’s edit

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Others spotted something she missed

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In the end, she got so many requests, she just had to raise her prices

Image credits: hexappeaI

To be honest yes there are apps out there that you could do this yourself, but this woman apart from a few errors in her early days has pretty much nailed this end of the market, and if you want a professional finish, she is your go-to girl!