Ghosting Is Emotionally Exhausting And People Really Need To Stop Doing It

You know the worst thing you can do to another human being? To ghost them that’s what

It is easy for a person to tell the other person that they no longer love them or want to spend time with them. However, it is hard for the other person if you do not tell them and just end the relationship. At least a closure helps them even if it hurts but to just disappear is extremely cruel.

I didn’t even know what ghosting was until I experienced it for myself it was painful and hurt like hell. Imagine that one day you find out that the other person has fallen out of love while you are still in it.

The time before social media were much better in my opinion, there was none of this in a relationship status going on or people posting about everything they were doing with their loved ones. Shit was private!

I do miss those days.

People seemed to cherish each other more and took into account the other person feelings. Life was pretty simple to treat people the same way you want to be treated.

Accountability was more a thing, you had to face whatever was wrong and deal, not just disappear out of someone’s life with not so much as a backward glance.

Life changes we know that things happen and perhaps feelings change for someone, you fall out of love, or the relationship just isn’t working anymore, so you tell your partner that.

To just walk out of someone’s life is a terrible thing to do, they have a right to closure they have a right to expect their feelings to be considered, no one is saying stay in a relationship if it isn’t right for you, but damn show some respect for the person you have spent so much time with.

Ghosting is a terrible thing. Though words can be pretty harsh sometimes and break the other person’s heart, it is equally bad if you do not tell them what they did for you to decide the relationship was no longer wanted.

Ghosting kills you from inside as you are left confused and wondering what you did wrong. It eats away at that person until they become convinced that there is something fundamentally wrong with them, and that plays absolute havoc with their mental well-being, and no one has the right to impact someone to that extreme.

It’s about time this ghosting stopped, and people faced up to being decent human beings and showing some respect by putting an end to ghosting and strive to become a better person.