Focus On Your Life, Not On Finding A Husband

Once you enter the 20-something age bracket, you begin to experience a 360 degree shift in what most people start uploading on their social media feeds. There are fewer crazy night outs and more sober lunches, lesser selfies and more engagement rings to flaunt in front of the world. Clearly, everyone around you is getting hitched and here you are, putting yourself down on yet another first date you messed up. So what? Instead of self-pity, feel rejoiced that you still have time to venture into endless possibilities. You still have time to build your life instead of worrying about marriage.

The right person will come once you have your life together.

There is something so attractive about a woman who has all of it figured out and has this brilliant sense of self. In all honesty, it’s hard to find a potential partner once a certain age bracket is crossed but heck, opportunities don’t knock on the door every day either. It is absolutely necessary to align yourself with the goals you have set for yourself before venturing into a lifelong commitment because a partner can’t complete you unless you do it first.

You have your whole life ahead of you still.

There is no user guide out there to dictate which milestone you have to achieve at this particular age. You can find love at 52 or get married at 18. The point is everyone is on a journey, and yours is unique to everyone else around you. Life is not a rat race. It’s how you were able to give back to your community using the best of your capabilities that inherently define your value. Not walking down the aisle in a white dress flaunting the love of your life.

That wedding money can be better used.

Weddings are expensive and it’s shattering to see a lifetimes worth of wealth disappearing in the blink of an eye on just ONE DAY. You have seen your most ambitious and career-oriented friends mindlessly spending thousands just on the venue or the dress to make a statement in front of everyone. All of this money could have been used to travel to your favorite exotic destination or perhaps buy a house or avail that prestigious study abroad program. The possibilities are endless.

You are the only person who has your back, literally.

We, as humans are social animals, we derive our energy from the social and emotional connections we make. I am not advocating against marriage neither am I here to tell you that being with the love of your life is not going to make you happy and satisfied, but the thing is, people can change and move on you real fast. No one knows the fate of your relationship that you so intricately weaved for years. What’s going to be constant is YOU, so make sure you are not hesitant in creating a life that thrills and excites you.