F*ck Anyone Who Likes You But Not Enough To Be With You

It’s said that in love there is no grey area, instead only black or white. Have you ever thought why someone shows so much interest in you but when it comes to commitment, they prefer to back off? Why would someone who loves spending time with you refuse to be in an actual relationship with you?

These questions might arise in your head all the time, which may lead to confusion and uncertainty. You are eager to know why someone who enjoys your company so much at one moment will ghost you out in another. I mean it’s quite understandable how frustrating it can be. You are unable to connect the dots to why someone would shower all their love and attention over you, ghost you, and then come back in your life as if nothing ever really happened. They would pretend as if nothing ever changed and they were all nice and loving.

But, let us just be honest here and face the facts that there is no point of wasting your time and energy and even your emotions just because you are curious to know why they act the way they act. Why waste tears and emotions over someone who cannot make up their mind and are not sure about you or even themselves and their feelings.

However, if you are strong enough to understand this then the reality of all of this is that they like you a lot and do not want to lose you, but they do not like you enough to actually fully commit themselves to you.

These are the reasons why they keep coming back to you. They want you in their life and they cannot break up with you because they really like you – until you bring the real deal in front of them i.e. commitment.

You need to understand that you are more than that and you deserve more – fck anyone who thinks they can lead you on, ghost you and then come back in your life and pretend as if nothing really happened. Fck anyone who thinks that you are not enough to handle commitment or worth committing to.

You cannot let people hang out with you who do not want to be exclusive with you. You cannot just let them do that knowing that they might ghost you the next day. You are just letting them take you for granted.

How can someone possibly leave you hanging for days after they have just spent an amazing day/night with you and actually enjoyed it? What made them disappear all of a sudden?

Why are you willing to be around someone who clearly refuses to put a label on your relationship with them and who strings you along?

Don’t trust anyone who tells you that they miss you even ten times a day, but never makes a single effort to see you – actions speak louder than words.

Let go of anyone who likes you but not enough to fully commit to you. I repeat, let them go.

You need to understand that their rejection has nothing to do with the person that you are. You’re a wonderful person who has given them chances and benefit of the doubt all along. It’s their fault that they are unable to acknowledge that. Changing yourself in any way will not make them like you to the point where they will commit to you.

In all honesty, I know these are the things that are hard to understand and probably might even hurt you, but they are not hurting you because you think that they were the love of your life. The hurt is only because your feelings got hurt out of rejection. Do not let your feelings fool you.

You need to understand that they only act this way because you cannot force someone to feel a certain way about you – that is just not how it works. Work on being the best version of yourself and let go of anyone who fails to see you or feel the way you want them to.