Fate Brings Some People Close To You In Life Just To Take Them Away

Life is a journey full of twisted scenarios and meeting new individuals. As we go through life, we tend to meet different people on the way, but once in a while, we meet a special someone who we instantly get along with.

We are swept off our feet, we feel that sense of completeness and happiness when they are around us; the sensation is out of this world and often we seem to lack the words or the understanding to even describe what we feel for them.

While some of us ponder over the how we could be so connected to someone we just met, I firmly believe that we were at some point destined to meet this person at this time and stage in our lives.

Give it a thought; everything that is happening to us right now is all we needed at this moment in life. It’s a divine happening written in our fates since the beginning; that these people, the moments we share, the experiences we have with them and the life lessons that came with them, all of this, was meant to happen so we could mold ourselves into a better version of ourselves.

Whether you believe it or not, each person you stumble upon in life is there to teach you a valuable lesson about yourself. There is always a reason why we feel more connected to certain people, even when we and our family and peers around us have doubts about it. When you analyze all of your companionships in retrospect, whether you still have them in your life or they are long gone, the things in common were that they taught you more about yourself than you ever knew. They broadened your vision and enlightened your mindset to new possibilities in one way or another. They made you feel more empowered, courageous and aware of yourself.

As humans, we tend to become emotional and vulnerable. We tend to fall madly and deeply in love without protecting our heart, so when things don’t work out, we feel shattered and devastated. That perfect person we wanted to spend our entire life with now becomes a distant memory.

Frustration takes over, anger and fury boil within us. We become pessimistic. We begin to question whether we deserve love or not. We blame ourselves for falling too quick for someone, only to let fate take them away from us.

What we don’t realize is that maybe that was their part they had to play in our life. Maybe by making us feel so vulnerable in love, this person taught us the vital lesson that everything whether good or bad changes like the seasons. Perhaps the breakup was there to teach you the feelings of gratitude and appreciation for the goodness that you have in your life.

Perhaps the way your paths crossed with them, in that given moment both of you were destined for each other, both of you played a vital role in each other’s life and added value to it, even though it was only temporary.

Perhaps this person was meant to come in your life and a part of your heart and soul was always destined for them to receive. Maybe this partner had to cause the necessary chaos in your life for you to embrace change, maybe their presence was needed in your life to help you cope with the pain, and just maybe they had to leave sooner and make your life fall apart only to make it fall into place again. Maybe this person was one of the series of changes that you had to endure to end up somewhere good in your life. All safe and secure. Trust that you are destined for absolute greatness and nothing else