Easter Is Coming And With It Comes A Chocolate Feast Of Delights

Looks like this is the year that could be a winner for trying something new whether it is for your Easter egg hunt, for baskets or for just hiding and giving yourself a little treat.

Here are a few selections that can be currently found on the shelves at Walmart and Target.

This delight is a milk chocolate peanut butter egg stuffed full of Reese’s pieces what more could you ask for.

Who doesn’t love cookies and cream and Oreo just ramped up its game by giving you Easter eggs filled up, now that’s a chocolate lovers dream.

Okay, so the bunny doesn’t get a complete rest but what a great way to start the day with Reese’s Puff Bunny shaped cereal.

If you love all things purple then these are an ideal Easter gift, jelly bird eggs with assorted flavors of berry, blueberry, blue raspberry and grape. 

Starburst now what more could you ask for. A delight of flavors in the shapes of beans. Grab a handful and find yourself experiencing Grape- ade Tropical cherry splash, watermelon to name a few, ideal for your non-chocolate lovers in the family.

Can’t decide if you want candy corn, jelly beans or chocolate, grab a bag of these and you get all 3 so you can have your cake and eat it, or in this case all the Easter favorites in one bag.

Well, well, well, at last chocolate with a peanut dip, can’t decide if this a little piece of heaven in a box or a fast road to feeling sick.

Oreo has given us Egg shaped cookies with purple creme filling for Easter, this one gets my vote as the shape alone makes for easier dunking in my milk!

Do you love the dark chocolate powdery finish of Cadbury’s mini eggs, get ready for the Easter/Spring treat a must try even if they don’t reach your Easter hampers or Easter egg hunt.

Want to bring a touch of bling to your Easter egg hunt, then look no further than these beauties the sparkly, shimmery milk chocolate delights. 

Scrambles eggs anyone? This candy egg has a great mixture of all the sour favorites such as Nerds, Runts and of course Laffy Taffy.

Great bag for the little angels’ hunts, these little bags come with Sour Brite eggs, mini works, and gummi beans.  

Milk chocolate covered mallows in the shape of a chick now you can’t go wrong with that combo.

From when you first pop them in your mouth you get hit by their sour flavor, then the sweetness kicks in and they are bunny shaped too yay for Easter.

If you are a lover of salted caramel then look no further than these amazing individually wrapped sea salt caramel bunnies and what a great way to add a little class to the adult baskets this year.

Want to get some fruit into the angels then this might just do the trick and keep with the Easter theme. They come in chick, egg, flower and bunny shapes.

Skittles I salute you and love you forever more. Have you ever like me stayed up to stupid O’clock filling up plastic eggs for the hunt well no more, Skittles clearly understand a Mom’s workload at Easter.

Life Savers Gummies get an Easter upgrade and they come with egg- and bunny-shaped candies. All the classic flavors, including cherry, watermelon, green apple, strawberry, and orange.   

Not got time to put your baskets together? No problem. This Godiva Easter basket comes with a solid milk chocolate bunny with foil-wrapped chocolate eggs, a milk chocolate bunny, a truffle crème egg assortment, and a dark chocolate raspberry bar.

Don’t forget to treat yourself and I just love these so find a secret place to stash these and dip into them when you feel your energy getting low. These pastel-wrapped candies come in milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and caramel milk chocolate flavors, what a winner!

Happy Easter Everyone!