Do Yourself A Favor And Get Rid Of The Negative People In Your Life

They are just the worst people to encounter and we all have them in our lives at some point, even those that are wise to them can be taken in by someone at some point and have to go through the whole process of removing them from their lives and feel angry that yet again they have been taken in by someone who is just so dark and toxic.

You can be the most positive and happy person there is and then suddenly you notice someone who is toxic is in your midst, and the reason for this is because you have what they can never be without taking it, you are a much-loved positive person, something they desire the most.

Toxic people mirror positive people, so in turn that gives the impression they are positive people too, but they are far from it, and once they are removed from the positive person’s life the real person is revealed.

It is never easy to tell someone you don’t want them in your life anymore as you worry what effect this may have on them, but you shouldn’t be concerned with that as they really don’t care about you, they are just there to get what they can from you.

I know this may sound harsh, but think of yourself and not them, they are and should be nothing to you, if you have doubts think about things they say and do. For example, are they always complaining about things and people, do they gossip about people whether what they are saying is true or not. Do they act in a selfish manner and everything has to be about them?

If you have said yes to all of these then its time to clean house!

Trust me, if you do that, you will do yourself a HUGE favor.

1. Recognize signs of toxicity in people.

You need to acknowledge what they are that is always the first step. You can have a really good life, yet they are always cropping up with some disaster that must have your full attention, and that attention has to be on them and them alone.

2. Toxic people don’t leave easily.

They are like vampires sucking on your life force and you end up feeling constantly exhausted just from being around them. When you try to break away from them, they do all they can to stay, they won’t let go and it is down to you to detach them from you, which isn’t always easy and can be painful.

3. Establish boundaries and don’t apologize for them.

Set boundaries and stick to them. Yes, they will go around smearing your name and how you let them down and used them, but the truth is they let you down, they used you, they are projecting onto you exactly what they have done. If they fail to respect your boundaries then the next step is brutal and so it should be when you have been disrespected.

4. It is okay to say: ‘I don’t want to see you again.’

Your boundaries have been ignored so it’s time to say goodbye, make it plain and clear they are no longer welcome in your life. Say what you mean such as ‘I no longer wish to associate with you’ or ‘I’m done go and don’t come back’. Leave them with no room to claim they don’t understand.

You will feel better for removing them, you will most certainly feel lighter and so what if they talk shit about you after you’ve done this as after all it just confirms what you already know.