Disturbing Signs It’s Not Your Body, But Your Soul That’s Tired

Being emotionally fatigued and going through a lot of stressful situations for a long time makes our soul weary and extremely tired. We might feel we are going through depression because of the striking similarity of symptoms between the two. Our soul becomes so tired that we are unable to pick ourselves up by thinking positively. We feel as though there is no energy left in our bodies.

The main reason behind why this happens is because our soul needs more time to get over this tiredness. Just like our body, we need to take care of our soul too. A healthy soul means a healthy mind. Constantly decreasing energy levels should not be taken lightly. It can cause a lot of chronic illnesses in the long run. So, to tell whether your soul is exhausted or not, look out for these 10 signs.

Getting tired

Getting tired easily and feeling like your body has no energy left, even though you did not skip meals. Unable to force yourself to do anything is a common sign that your soul is tired.

Not right

You are aware that something is not right with your body, but you are unable to explain it.

Difference in behavior

Normally you are a nice, soft-spoken and caring person, but suddenly you feel anger, envy and rage, and the triggers are undefined.

Aches and pains

A throbbing sensation of pain overflows through your entire body. The body feels tense, stomach aches and headaches become frequent and everything looks blurry.

Mind and body

Your mind and body are disconnected. Feeling out of place is a very common symptom that your soul is tired.

Feeling scared

Feeling scared of what’s going to happen in the future. You feel as though what you’re doing right now will not contribute to your future dream life. A constant urge to start re-doing your life is evident in these cases.


You feel like you need to take short naps all the time. You feel sleepy during the day and its difficult for you to get out of bed in the morning. On the contrary, you can’t sleep at night. You toss and turn all night and can’t seem to get any sleep.


Feeling extremely lonely, even when being surrounded by people. The main reason behind it is that you put your walls up and surround yourself in a protective shell.

Panic attacks

Panic attacks become frequent, although you might never have experienced one before. It is also classified with anxiety.


You tend to be a lot more emotional. Constant fits of anger and crying out of the blue for no obvious reason are the norm.

If you are feeling any of the above-mentioned symptoms, it’s high time you need to find a remedy for them. Start with self-care. Spending more time in nature and being present will help to heal the soul from the inside. Reconnect with doing things that you love. Some things that can also help is yoga, stretching and exercising. Exercise increases endorphins, the hormone that makes you feel happy. Soaking in a hot bath and listening to peaceful music helps a lot too. Positive affirmations will increase your self-esteem and being in tune with what your soul desires leads you to a fast recovery. Knowing what the soul wants is the key to re-energizing yourself again. A healthy soul will give off happy vibes and bring vibrancy to your life and personality.