Dating Tips For A Successful Blind Date

Going on a date is always a time of anxiety, but a blind date can cause even more anxiety than normal as it’s the first time you will be meeting.

Here are some tips that may help relieve the anxiety and make the night a success.

1. Be flexible

You are meeting for the first time. Make it just a drink, that way if it doesn’t go the way you were expecting you can end the night quickly, much easier than if you are sitting down for a meal.

Keeping the night flexible should help the night go smoothly for you.

2. Talk with your date over the phone

Always talk on the phone before arranging a date, you can tell a lot from a phone call, a general conversation will give you an idea if they really are someone you want to meet.

Your time is precious so make sure you really do want to meet them. 

3. Don’t act rudely

If they say something you really don’t like, tell them but kindly, for all you know it could be their nerves making them come across differently to how they were on the phone.

However, if they do it again make your excuses and leave, no need to be rude, but if they overstep the mark, its free game then for putting them in their place.

4. Talk, talk, talk

Talk about what you enjoy doing, ask them what their interests are, work with them to get to know each other and if your interests are the same.  Talking will help the time pass, awkward silences make for a dismal first date.

You never know you may find they are into the same things you are that others find odd, nothing better than finding someone could be a partner in crime in out of the norm activities.

5. Don’t talk about sex

Talking about sex on your first date, especially a blind date could make you just look like a horny desperate person who is just out to get laid.

Don’t get yourself that label. Relax smile and enjoy yourself, if they are right for you there will be plenty of time for that conversation later.

6. Don’t be late

Nothing worse than sitting waiting for someone. They may already be anxious if you will even turn up! It shows a lack of respect.

If for some reason you are running late due to things beyond your control, call them and tell them why and you’re on your way.

That call will make a huge difference.

7. Wear comfortable clothes

We all want to look amazing for the first date, first impression last right? But for goodness sake be comfortable in what you wear, or it could be a very long night for you.

8. Remember good hygiene

Before leaving home, double check your appearance. Did you remember to use deodorant, yeah, I know its basic, but you’d be surprised how many people forget when rushing around. Check your teeth, nothing worse than looking at someone with something stuck in their teeth, very off-putting.

Relax and enjoy the night it could be the start of something amazing.