Congratulations You Managed To Lose The Woman Who Wanted To Be With You For Life

Well done. You managed to lose the only woman who would have crossed oceans for you.

You pushed her to her limits, the one who would do anything to see a smile on your face. She asked for nothing in return except your commitment to her, the hope for a future together, to make her yours for eternity but you failed to provide her exactly that and now she has left.

She never wanted the money, or expensive cars or extravagant dinner dates, all she wanted was to be your lady love, your one and only. She accepted you even though you had issues because she wasn’t perfect either.

After months of dating, she finally fell for you, she felt like you were the one but you chose to ignore her feelings, even when you knew that she chose you as her partner even when everyone around her advised her against it. All she wanted was for you to reciprocate her love.

All she wanted was to be treated like she meant the world to you. No expensive formalities, just old fashion love.

You didn’t appreciate her. You knew this relationship required zero effort and it was convenient for you to be with her.

You became emotionally unavailable to her. You chose to blindly ignore her effort. You decided to take everything from her and never let her secure a place your heart.

You knew she wouldn’t leave even if you told her to.

Perhaps fear was the reason. Maybe the amount of hurt and betrayal you had experienced in the past caused you to become impassive and hostile towards her. Even though she proved time and time again that she was different than the other women you knew, you preferred to keep her as a side option rather than respecting her.

She made you her priority, but you chose to view her as an option. You took more from her but never reciprocated her feelings. You took advantage of her kindness and respect and saw her as a mere object of gratification and pleasure.

She went through the darkest of times with you, never leaving you alone for a minute, always on your side to support and encourage you. She took the commitment seriously and stuck through it, you on the other hand never dedicated yourself to her.

Then one day, she realized that she couldn’t take this mistreatment anymore. She decided to leave the relationship for her own sanity.

She stopped taking your calls and replying to your texts. She burned all the bridges that led her to you. Do you want to know why? Because when she chose you over everything, you chose no one but yourself.

She realized the lack of respect and appreciation you had for her. She knew the relationship was turning into a constant battle for her to win your love. That’s not how love is.

She realized she deserved more than this. She knew she is worthy of all the happiness and love she gave you freely.

But you made her feel like a failure. A loser. Someone who doesn’t deserve love.

The sad thing is that you had found a one of a kind woman, who had been the perfect partner, but you lost that once in a lifetime opportunity. You know you won’t be able to find anyone who can replace her.

Now you are destined to seek that woman and her unique traits in every potential partner you stumble upon, they may be beautiful and attractive, but they can never be like her.

You lost her.